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npc_viewcone is a console command available in all Source Source games.

The npc_viewcone of this npc_zombie makes it clear that the player is currently outside its Field of View.

A console command that will display NPC fields of view. Two big red arrows will indicate the boundaries of the FOV (the horizontal boundaries of its viewcone), while a thinner yellow arrow indicates its Angle (where the NPC is facing).

This command takes an <npc_targetname> or an <npc_classname> as its argument. If no argument is specified, it picks the NPC that the player is looking at (through the crosshair !picker).

Note.pngNote:Despite its name, this command does not actually portray a viewcone, most importantly because it doesn't indicate how far the NPC can see.

This Console command requires sv_cheats set to 1 and then developer set to 1.

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