Night Of A Million Zombies

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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


<Half-Life 2> Night Of A Million Zombies (NOAMZ) is a 3-map pack by Mister Dan. It's gameplay consists of you, the player, starting in an abandoned area armed only with a crowbar (and, in Tunnels, a pistol). Although you start more or less empty-handed, almost all of the game's weapons can be found in the maps. The more powerful the weapon is, the harder it is to find, with the Gravity Gun being the 'holy grail'. Most types of ammunition respawn at various places around the map, and there are also a significant number of physics objects to use as weapons (with the gravity gun), however, these do not respawn. You start with 100% health, but no suit power, and there are no batteries or health kits to be found anywhere, so avoiding any damage whatsoever is extremely important.

At the start the map is deserted and there are no enemies, but zombies soon start to flow in to the map from various inaccessible streets and alleys. The zombie's numbers, as the name suggests, are more or less infinite. A kill-counter was introduced in version 1.1 of the first map, and appears in the others as well. You get one point for each kill, even if it died through setting itself on fire by walking through environmental fire effects.

Mister Dan also created a second version of NOAMZ Original designed for cooperative play in Garry's Mod. It has a number of gameplay differences, including fast and poison zombies along with normal zombies, and the inclusion of a lot more ammunition.

The maps are available individually:

  • Original (Link broken.)
  • Water Front
  • Tunnels (Link broken.)

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