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This mod for Source is no longer being developed. Download its last release here.


Mudkip is an extremely early development mod based on HL2MP, which aims to be comical, yet structured. Currently the main focus is on weapon modification and creating maps which direct players to not just aim to shoot each other for frags, but to enjoy themselves using the theme of the game. The game mode programming is currently on pause until the new Source SDK is released.

Planned Features

Defend the cake:

  • CTF style play, twisted to be not only teams against each other, but also with many map-based obstacles

Attack of the furries:

  • Attacking team dressed in fursuits; only weapon is "yiff", which causes harm to the targeted enemy player
  • Defending team armed with fire, possibly a one-use banhammer



Mudkip development started on the eleventh of October, 2007.


  • tj9991 - Creator
  • Suomynona - Audio
  • Flavin - Mapping

Localized versions

There is currently no localization, which will be taken care of at a much later time.

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