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A console variable that (when active) shows a very useful texture browser in the source engine allowing anyone to find textures much easier along with previews.

Texture browser.jpg

To open the texture browser, load any the map, set sv_cheats to 1, and set mat_texture_list to 1.

By default, the browser only lists textures currently used by the current map (excluding special textures). To include the entire library click the "Show All Textures" Checkbox.

Expanding Menu Options

To expand the menu options, click the little square in the upper left hand corner of the window.

Texture browser expanded.jpg

Select one of the desired options.

  • Render Targets and Special Textures
When Checked, this will list all of the Render Targets and Special Textures.
  • Show Memory Useage on HUD
Shows how much memory is being used If Checked.
  • Show ALL textures
Shows all of the textures loaded by the game or mod If Checked.
  • View textures thumbnails
Shows all thumbnail previews of the textures If Checked (checked by default).
  • Alpha
Shows all alpha texures embeded If Checked (checked by default).
  • Warns
Confirm:Shows warning messages on HUD If Checked
  • Filter
Shows all textures with the custom set name to search from If Checked (checked by default).
  • Resolve Full Texture Path

Texture Properties

By selecting a texture from the list, the selected texture's properties will show Texture browser selectedtexture.jpg

  • Texturebrowser Reloadbtn.jpg
Reloads the texture
  • Texturebrowser Openbtn.jpg
Opens the folder window (in Window Exporer) where the selected texture is located
Note:If the vtf texture is located in a GCF, a VPK or is a special texture (A texture that is dynamicly generated in game), it will not open the correct folder
  • Texturebrowser Minusbtn.jpg
Decrease mip detail
  • Texturebrowser Plusbtn.jpg
Increase mip detail
  • Texturebrowser Gamebtn.jpg
Flashes texture (either on the surface or model) in the currently loaded map and closes the texture list
  • Texturebrowser CopyTextbtn.jpg
Copies the file path and texture properties in text form into the clipboard
  • Texturebrowser CopyImagebtn.jpg
Takes a screenshot of the window of the selected texture into the clipboard


mat_texture_list 0

Texture browser off

mat_texture_list 1

Texture browser on

mat_texture_list_all 0

list currently loaded textures

mat_texture_list_all 1

list all textures

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