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Particle File List

Note.png Note: This is the list of particle libraries. Particles that are actually used are contained within these libraries. Please see the Particle Browser section below in order to list and preview particles in Hammer.
  • blood_fx.pcf
  • boomer_fx.pcf
  • burning_fx.pcf
  • charger_fx.pcf
  • coldstream.pcf
  • default.pcf
  • electrical_fx.pcf
  • environmental_fx.pcf
  • error.pcf
  • fire_01.pcf
  • fire_01l4d.pcf
  • fire_fx.pcf
  • fire_infected_fx.pcf
  • firework_crate_fx.pcf
  • fireworks_fx.pcf
  • footstep_fx.pcf
  • gen_dust_fx.pcf
  • hunter_fx.pcf
  • impact_fx.pcf
  • infected_fx.pcf
  • insect_fx.pcf
  • item_fx.pcf
  • locator_fx.pcf
  • military_artillery_impacts.pcf
  • rain_fx.pcf
  • rain_storm_fx.pcf
  • rope_fx.pcf
  • screen_fx.pcf
  • smoker_fx.pcf
  • speechbubbles.pcf
  • spitter_fx.pcf
  • steam_fx.pcf
  • survivor_fx.pcf
  • tank_fx.pcf
  • tanker_explosion.pcf
  • test_collision.pcf
  • test_distancealpha.pcf
  • ui_fx.pcf
  • vehicle_fx.pcf
  • water_fx.pcf
  • weapons_fx.pcf
  • witch_fx.pcf

Particle Browser

There is a particle browser in Hammer for the Left 4 Dead 2 Authoring Tools. Currently, particle files (.PCF) and particles/particles_manifest.txt need to be extracted from pak01_dir.vpk and copied over to the particles folder.

File paths:

Windows 64-Bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\particles

Windows 32-Bit: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\particles

  1. If Hammer is open, please close it
  2. Open pak01_dir.vpk with a program like GCFScape
  3. Locate and open the particles folder
  4. Extract the contents of that folder to the external particles folder

The browser can be accessed by creating an info_particle_system entity and selecting it, opening it's properties (double clicking or ALT + ENTER), and opening the browser under Particle System Name. Additional particle files and an updated manifest introduced in The Sacrifice update can be extracted from pak01_dir.vpk found in the left 4 dead 2\left4dead2_dlc2 directory.

Note.png Note: Notice how, by default, no particles appear in the particle browser unless the particles are extracted from pak01_dir.vpk.

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