List of Dreamball Particles

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List of useful Dreamball particles. Use a info_particle_system entity to use them. Place the entity in your map where you want the particle to spawn and type the name of the particle in the effect_name field of the info_particle_system and set it's active state.

Particle effect name Description
ice_fire The ice fire seen on the purple poles in Ice World maps.
checkpoint_bubbles1 The floating spinning pink bubbles seen on map checkpoints.
lamp_fx_a1 The small pink glow seen on the blue / orange lamp models.
wind_push The wind effect seen on Fans.
thruster_large_icy The ice thruster used with the 'platform1.mdl' model in Ice World maps.
map_win_explode The blue 'explode' effect seen at the end of World maps.
chimney_smoke1 The smoke from the chimney's in the first Night World map.
light_pole_glow1_blue The blue glow seen on the purple poles in Night World maps.
thruster_small Blue thruster used with the 'platform1.mdl' model for the floating platforms.
fire_fire The fire seen on the purple poles in Lava World maps.
orb01 Blue orb explosion seen in Orb Hunt maps.
orb01_green Same orb but in green.
warp_explosion1 A refract warp explosion, usually used with the orb01 effect.
warp_explosion2 Another similar refract warp explosion, usually used with the orb01_green effect.
checkpoint_red The red flicker glow above the checkpoints models.
checkpoint_blue Same but in blue.
ballswitch1 The blue spark explosion seen on marble model switchers.
powerup_jump_equiped1 The blue spinning bubbles used on jump powerup enables.
smoke_blackbillow1_skybox big smoke trail - use in a 3D Skybox.
achieved The mini firework burst seen from achievement unlocks.

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