L4D2 EMS/Appendix: System VScripts

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VScript files that are part of the Mutation System

Here lies a list of all VScript files that are now used by the Mutation System. Because the game depots ship with compiled versions of these files, the originals have been provided for reference purposes as part of the SDK. Launch the Left 4 Dead 2 Authoring Tools depot and select Example Content.

  • The Core Systems code, and helpers
    • scriptedmode.nut - the master system file where most C++ calls land, and that calls to rest of system
    • sm_spawn.nut - helper code that manages spawning entities, name fixup in entity interfaces, and so on
    • sm_stages.nut - helper code to take a table that defines a "stage" of director options and sets them up
    • sm_utilities.nut - misc utilities of various forms
    • sm_resources.nut - the "resource" system, used heavily in holdout - an example of a shared system
  • scripted_holdout.nut - the holdout game mode
  • and then all the holdout map specific scripts
    • scripted_c3m1_plankcountry_holdout.nut
    • scripted_c4m1_milltown_holdout.nut
    • scripted_c10m3_ranchhouse_holdout.nut
    • scripted_c10m5_houseboat_holdout.nut
  • scripted_dash.nut - the dash game mode
  • and then all the dash map specific scripts
    • scripted_c5m2_park_dash.nut
  • entity scripts - i.e. that get placed on spawned entities
    • startbox.nut - script that sits on a startbox and waits for players to leave/calls back to notify scripts
    • whacker_counter.nut - helper for stachewhacker display
    • whacker_timer.nut - helper for stachewhacker
    • cash_resource.nut - placed on cash piles in pvpcash for players to gather
    • dash_waypoint.nut - a script on dash waypoints to note if players come near, trigger continuing
    • holdout_resource_package.nut - the resource backpack that drops / can be found in holdout
    • holdout_searchlight.nut - manages the generator/searchlight you put gas into @todo: rename to generator? generalize?
  • spawn managers and other helpers for various specific game systems (@TODO: standardize naming!)
    • tank_spawn_manager.nut
    • witch_spawn_manager.nut
    • gascan_manager.nut
    • holdout_gascan_manager.nut
  • helicopters/balloons/other flying entities...
    • rescue_helicopter.nut
    • resupply_helicopter.nut
    • resupply_balloon_spawn_manager.nut
  • Sanitize Data for various maps
    • sanitize_c3m1_plankcountry.nut
    • sanitize_c4m1_milltown.nut
    • sanitize_c10m3_ranchhouse.nut
    • sanitize_c10m5_houseboat.nut