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This mod for Source has been released! Download it now.

Korsakovia is a new experimental mod by the makers of Dear Esther. It's a survival horror about delusion, paranoia and the end of the world.

Resolution Magazine said they've "Never played a game that fucked with me so much" and that "It’s rare for a game to instill such panic. It’s up there with ‘Shock 2 and Silent Hill in that respect.".

Hide the matches, break the TV screen, gouge out your eyes, turn out the lights and play it on your own late at night.

This is version 1.0, currently available as .zip - unpack it into your SourceMods folder. Installer version on its way. Please check the README file before playing and please do send us feedback, bug reports, restraining orders, and cash donations.


  • Fuses abstract storytelling of Dear Esther with more traditional gameplay
  • Experiments with alternative visualisation of agents
  • Lots of playing around with visual effects and environmental build



Korsakovia was developed for the earth-shattering sum of approximately £10,500 as an internal grant from the University of Portsmouth, as part of the ongoing chineseroom project into experimental FPS gaming.

The core ideas behind thechineseroom are that:

  1. There are important and interesting questions about FPS gaming that cannot be answered simply by studying and analysing commercial titles, and that it's necessary to experiment and build in order to address them and
  2. There's no reason why a research project shouldn't be any less playable and 'fun' than a non-research project (i.e. a 'normal' game). On top of that, if you want to really make something that is true to the medium, then it should stand or fall as a game in its own right, and players should be able to engage with in on those terms.

Previous releases as part of the project include Dear Esther (Source), Conscientious Objector (Doom3/idTech4) and Antlion Soccer (Source). All are freely available from ModDB.

If you have any questions about thechineseroom project or any of our mods, please contact me at [email protected]. More information about us can be found at www.thechineseroom.co.uk.


Korsakovia dev team
Korsakovia was written and produced by Dan Pinchbeck
The environment was designed by Dan Pinchbeck and Adam Griffiths
The environment was built by Adam Griffiths, with additional build by Dan Pinchbeck and Ankur Shah
Coding was by Maksim Mitrofanov
Audio and music was by Jessica Curry (www.jessicacurry.co.uk)
Genevieve Adam voiced Doctor Christine Grayson and Ben Crystal voiced Christopher
The voice acting was recorded at Middle Street Studios, UK, by Phil Thompson
Playtesters were
Nick Mower
Eli Just
Maksim Mitrofanov
BiGToM (who also debugged a level for us)
Albert Teng

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