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This MP mod for Half-Life 2 has been released! Download it now.

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The concept behind Kingdoms Collide is to have really fun and balanced online multilayer combat with a very high potential range of skill found within a beautiful fantasy setting. The game is played through a third person camera (so the melee aspect makes sense, unlike FPS camera melee games where people run around like headless chickens unable to see their surroundings). Also, like traditional fantasy RPG's we wanted to have a good level of character customization in choosing a unique weapon and skill set that suites you - as well as making each player able to have unique role within their team enabling incredible depth to teamwork, tactics and strategy!


  • Weak Bow
  • Sturdy Bow
  • Powerful Bow
  • Master Bow
  • Weak Sword
  • Sturdy Sword
  • Powerful Sword
  • Master Sword
  • Javelin
  • Dagger
  • Throwing Knifes

Perks (bought using weapon points):

  • Extra Health
  • Extra Mana
  • Extra Magic/Skill point

Spells and Skills


  • Fireball
Throw a fireball for small lasting AoE damage.
  • Double Fireball
Throw a double fireball for stronger lasting AoE damage.
  • Fire Imbue Weapons
Successful hits continue to burn the enemy over time.
  • Fire Circle
Large AoE fire blast.


  • Heal
Cast heal on yourself to get very high hp regeneration for a short time or cast on others to give them a better heal in less time, as well as building up an AoE blast spell that can be released with a key. Dying will cancel any charge built up for this blast attack.
  • Glacier
Calls up a large spike of ice from the ground, this spike can barricade paths until smashed or otherwise can be made to explode, hitting nearby enemies with ice shards.
  • Blizzard
Sends out a constant wave of freezing wind, if an enemy is held in this wind for long enough they will become encased in ice and no longer able to move or attack. Hitting a frozen playing will not to full damage is your attack needs to break through the ice, frozen enemies will also be free to move after they have been hit.
  • Freeze Imbue Weapons
Successful hits slow the movement speed of enemies for a time.


  • Leap
Jump really high.
  • Teleport
Instantly blink forwards in space.
  • Invisibility
Be inviable while not attacking.
  • Shadow Imbue Weapons
Successful hits steal mana from enemies


  • Light Beam
Fire a beam of burning light.
  • Berserk
Once berserk is cast the player goes in to a rage where attacks made against them can lower their health down to a minimum of 1hp but they cannot be killed. Once their berserk time ends 1hp will be removed.
  • Blinding Flash
Creates a flash of blinding light around the player making it very hard for nearby enemies to see for a time.
  • Light Imbue Weapons
Successful hits have a blinding effect


  • Ensnare

Causes tenacious weeds to spring out of the ground where the player casts which i'll grab and slow enemies that walk into their reach.

  • Lightning

Calls down a bolt of lighting on an area.

  • Earthquake

The player slams the ground doing high damage to everyone sounding him who is in contact with the ground at the time.

  • Life Tree

Spawns a ghostly green tree which emits an area of healing energy for you and your team, lasts only a limited time.

Map List

Team Death-match:

  • kcdm_anchient_hall
  • kcdm_dust2
  • kcdm_2forst
  • kcdm_simple

Capture Points:

  • kccp_valley
  • kccp_seige
  • kccp_tower
  • kccp_fort

Nide Survival:

  • kcsurvival_fort
  • kcsurvival_day
  • kcsurvival_seige
  • kcsurvival_night
  • kcsurvival_green


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