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Released-64px.png Released!
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TypeSingle Player Modification
EngineSource Source
Based onHalf-Life 2 Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 There's nothing quite like the rush of running, falling, jumping and crawling your way toward the release switch whilst under fire from rockets, railguns and lasers... then jabbing that switch and releasing all your team mates! Then finally watching as they all come running out of the open doors and beat the other team to death with Laser Cleavers! There's never a dull moment in JB, you're either fighting to stay alive, fighting to release your team mates, or fighting to escape from jail!

Jailbreak: Source is a teamwork mod. Each team must work together to imprison the opposing force inside their jail. If you're agile, fast enough and think you've got the guts, you can try to escape from jail if you can find the escape routes, ranging from laser grids and haunted passages, to gas filled sewers and dangerous lift shafts. If you're lucky enough to stay alive, you'll need to split your game between defending your own jail and releasing your team mates... Fail, or don't escape in time and execution awaits.

Jailbreak: The chaingun in Metropolis
Jailbreak: In-Game in Arroyo
Jailbreak: Plague: A town of ghosts


  • New Perks system: Create a custom class
  • New Point scoring system
  • 17 new weapons
  • 4 new maps (Total of 8)
  • Close to a Total Conversion
  • Complete HUD redesign
  • Mini-Map Overview
  • End of Match Awards System
  • Custom Executions & Escape Routes
  • Quick Radio menu (now with voices and macros)
  • Team dependent Trip-mines
  • HUD based team member locations and goals
  • Weapon dropping
  • Automated placeable turrets
  • Integrated team-work encouragement
  • Over 500 custom textures
  • Over 100 custom models
  • All new custom sounds


Media Page: Trailer & In-Game Screenshots

Jb valvecapsule.jpg


Richard "Dogmeat" Slaughter: Coding and Development

Andrew Wills: Maps, Textures, Modeling and Graphics

Rob "IZaNaGI" Molde: Maps, Textures, Modeling and Skins

Axel "Azelito" Dahlstedt

History of JB: Source

Jailbreak begin development in February 2007, with Dogmeat coding, and Wills mapping, and the first release was made available to the public a mere three weeks later, with all the key features implemented and two new maps. Four months on, two more versions have been released, with many more features, alongside two more maps, and a new team member IZaNaGI has recently joined up.

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