Iron Grip: The Oppression

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Iron Grip: The Oppression is a total conversion multiplayer mod for Half-Life 2 that combines RTS and FPS elements. On the Resistance side, a team of human players control commando-like heroes with special weapons and abilities. On the Rahmos side, one player controls a Rahmos General who is in charge of creating infantry units and tanks to counter the Resistance. The General can switch from first-person to an RTS screen at any moment.

The objective for the Resistance is to either kill the General or to hold defensive points until time on the round runs out. The Rahmos General has to capture control points and stay alive. While the Rahmos units can capture points without the help of the General, capture time is greatly decreased if the General is in the area. This new and unique type of gameplay creates a cat and mouse atmosphere as the Resistance hurries to find and assassinate the General, who is both commanding an army and trying to capture control points.


Resistance members assault a Rahmos patrol.

The Resistance are an expanding group of rebels hoping to overthrow the Rahmos Empire, the dominant power in the Iron Grip universe. Armed with stolen or makeshift weapons, Resistance players must rely on their wits to defeat the strength and numbers of Rahmos. Players are encouraged to set up ambushes, use hit and run tactics, and be a thorn in the side of the Rahmos Army.

The Resistance team consists of a number of hero characters, each with their own special weapons and skillsets. Because of their importance, only one person may play as each hero. If killed, the player will be a "generic" Resistance member until he or she earns enough points to buy back their hero.


The point-of-view from a Rahmos General in RTS mode.

The Rahmos depends on brute power and technology to defeat the uprising presented by the Resistance. The Rahmos General can create and command various forms of infantry, ranging from lowly conscripts to armored grenadiers to crack squads of the Overlord's best men. Resistance members tremble in fear as massive Devestator Tanks rumble down streets, destroying all that get in its way. Playing as Rahmos allows the user to crush his enemies without getting his hands dirty or openly engage and defeat those who dare oppose him.


A Resistance Hero ambushes AI controlled Rahmos soldiers with the Shiva machine gun.

The goal of Iron Grip: The Oppression is to immerse gamers into true urban-guerrilla warfare. Battles will be fast, frantic, and filled with non-stop action. For example, one of the biggest inspirations for the IG team is the ending battle scene in Saving Private Ryan (Ramelle). It is that type of inner-city fighting that is going to be emulated.


  • Several Resistance hero characters, each with their own specific personalities, weapons, and gear.
  • New weapons that follow the steampunk atmosphere of the Iron Grip world.
  • A unique and unheard of gameplay that pits FPS vs. RTS.
  • The ability to control and engage AI infantry and tanks.
  • A brand new universe with a rich and diverse history spanning hundreds of years.


Iron Grip: The Oppression is being made by Isotx, a professional game developer dedicated to bringing gamers the best and most vivid war games to date. The mod is being headed by Vincent "Ome_Vince" van Geel, with a team of dedicated and skilled individuals to help make his dream world become a reality.

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