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CSniperTarget defined in proto_sniper.cpp
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info_snipertarget is a point entity available in all Source Source games. An npc_sniper will take shots at this target, but only if told to, using inputs available to that entity. The info_snipertarget has parameters to alter the behavior while aiming and shooting.

To make the sniper take shots at a moving target, you'll need to parent the info_snipertarget to that target, but this appears to be bugged[confirm].

Confirm:This parenting issue was noted back in 2006 and may not apply anymore.

See d1_town_05 for multiple examples of its use.


Name (targetname) <string>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.
Sweep to Speed (speed) <float>
Seconds it takes for the sniper to align their shot onto the target.
Group Name (groupname) <string>
The name of a group which the info_snipertarget belongs to. Used as a parameter for SweepGroupRandomly inputs for npc_sniper.


  •  [1] : Shoot Me
       Sniper will shoot at this target once satisfied with aim.
  •  [2] : No Interruptions
       All other targets will be ignored while sniper aims for this.
  •  [4] : Snap Shot !FGD
        : If a more important target comes into view as the sniper is aiming for this target, the sniper will fire at this target immediately, hoping the current aim was accurate enough to hit it, then focus on the higher-priority target. This shot will still count as interrupted, and the sniper will therefore resume to take another shot if the Resume if Interrupted flag is set for this target. This is considered obsolete from Episode 1 onward,[Why?] but can still be used.
  •  [8] : Resume if Interrupted
       If the sniper is busy taking shots at other targets when he is ordered to take a shot at this target, he will just delay the shot at this target until he is done, instead of ignoring it completely. This is unless he is ordered to take another shot in this time.
  •  [16] : Snap to me
       The sniper will set his sight on this target before turning the dot on. This means that the dot will immediately start fixed at this position.

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