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IGameUI is an interface that allows you to have some access to the GameUI module. The include file is found in every SDK except Source 2006. The code below is the lost file from that branch.


//========= Copyright © 1996-2002, Valve LLC, All rights reserved. ============
// Purpose: 
// $NoKeywords: $

#ifndef IGAMEUI_H
#define IGAMEUI_H
#ifdef _WIN32
#pragma once

#include "interface.h"

struct cl_enginefuncs_s;
class IBaseSystem;

// Purpose: contains all the functions that the GameUI dll exports
//			GameUI_GetInterface() is exported via dll export table to get this table
class IGameUI : public IBaseInterface

	virtual void 	Initialize( CreateInterfaceFn *factories, int count ) = 0;
	virtual void	Start(struct cl_enginefuncs_s *engineFuncs, int interfaceVersion, IBaseSystem *system) = 0;
	virtual void	Shutdown() = 0;

	virtual int	ActivateGameUI() = 0;	// activates the menus, returns 0 if it doesn't want to handle it
	virtual int	ActivateDemoUI() = 0;	// activates the demo player, returns 0 if it doesn't want to handle it

	virtual int	HasExclusiveInput() = 0;

	virtual void	RunFrame() = 0;

	virtual void	ConnectToServer(const char *game, int IP, int port) = 0;
	virtual void	DisconnectFromServer() = 0;
	virtual void	HideGameUI() = 0;

	virtual bool	IsGameUIActive() = 0;
	virtual void	LoadingStarted(const char *resourceType, const char *resourceName) = 0;
	virtual void	LoadingFinished(const char *resourceType, const char *resourceName) = 0;

	virtual void	StartProgressBar(const char *progressType, int numProgressPoints) = 0;
	virtual int	ContinueProgressBar(int progressPoint, float progressFraction) = 0;
	virtual void	StopProgressBar(bool bError, const char *failureReasonIfAny, const char *extendedReason) = 0;
	virtual int	SetProgressBarStatusText(const char *statusText) = 0;
	virtual void	GetSteamPassword( const char *szAccountName, const char *szUserName ) = 0;

	virtual void	ValidateCDKey(bool force, bool inConnect) = 0;

// the interface version is the number to call GameUI_GetInterface(int interfaceNumber) with

#endif // IGAMEUI_H


Later branches include functions for bonus maps, Xbox 360 integration, and menu interaction. Check your SDK branch for the actual list of functions in the IGameUI.h file.


These lines go in the client/server init files:

#include <gameui\IGameUI.h>
IGameUI *gameui = NULL;
	CreateInterfaceFn gameUIFactory = Sys_GetFactory("gameui.dll");
	gameui = (IGameUI *)gameUIFactory(GAMEUI_INTERFACE_VERSION, NULL);