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A table of contents lists all the headers included on a page. Each link in a table of contents can be clicked to automatically scroll down to that section.

To make headers, enclose the title of them in = symbols. Headers can have up to 6 degrees of importance, determined by how many = symbols the title is wrapped in. See the TOC on this page:

Header 1

A very large header. Use these sparingly, as they're about the size of the page title at the top.

Header 2

Standard header.

Header 3

Standard subsection.

Header 4

If you still want to divide a page up further, go down to four = symbols.

Header 5

Headers with more than four = symbols are not common because by default they are stylized identically to ones with four. There are many ways you could format them to look different however, with wiki tools and inline CSS/HTML.

Header 6

This is the lowest headers can go. This corresponds exactly with the HTML tags <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, and <h6>.

=Header 7=

Notice how the table of contents counts this header as a level 6 one, and does not parse the 7th pair of = symbols. In the extremely rare case that you need to make a level 7 header, consider splitting up the page by the level 1 headers.

Tip.pngTip:Don't add steps or step numbers into your headers! There is an option in Special:Preferences that automatically puts numbers on headers for readers, and it would just look silly.

See Also

  • Help:Templates - This page has documentation of some methods of manipulating the appearance of a table of contents.