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Gordon Freeman finds himself on the sea shore with a terrible hangover. He is surrounded by empty beer bottles, a few headcrab corpses and a bicycle. He does not remember anything about how he got there, or what happened there, or the night before. He sets off to find out, and as usual gets into a bunch of “fun” activities along the way.


Development (and getting to know the Steam engine and learning the Hammer editor along the way) started back in February of 2009. It is the author's first released map/MOD for Half-Life 2. Development considered finished in summer of 2012, than patiently waited for a couple of graffiti just to find that in the meantime the source SDK has changed so much that the same levels can't be simply compiled anymore in 2015. It would require too much work to update the levels (convert intricate constructions and large portions of the levels from brushes to meshes) just to be able to compile them again, along with the graffiti, with the current tools. The original compiled levels from 2012 are released in 2015 November. (Players will just have to imagine those graffiti onto some empty walls where they were intended to be.) :-)

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Idea, Design and Construction

  • Peter Urbanics

English Proof Writing and Rewriting

  • Robert Wright - Auxor

Graffiti Vandal

  • Taks Tipson


  • NPC Citizen: Stephanie Eldracher
  • NPC Miner1: Rob Martens
  • NPC Miner2: Matthew Leigh - [VGN] Chronos[Ha-G]|KK
  • NPC Miner3: Phillip Marlowe - PlanetPhillip


  • Clay Allen - Claytonian
  • Robert Wright - Auxor

Beta Testing

  • Beta Testers Collective
  • Shaun Friend - Mman
  • Christopher Dossor


See the Mod Database.

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