Hammer Transform Dialog

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The Transform dialog allows you to rotate, scale, or move an object with precise values in any of the X, Y, or Z planes. Values are in either units or degrees as applicable.

Bug: Transforming behaves strangely if any of the parameters are a value of 0. Changing the values from 0 to 0.0 fixes this behaviour.
Bug: Rotation in the Y-Axis is reversed.

Hammer Transform Dialog

To move objects using Transform dialog:

  1. Select the objects you wish to move.
  2. Choose Transform from the Tools Menu. The dialog seen above will apear.
  3. Select the "Move" radio button.
  4. Type in the distance you wish to move the objects in the X, Y, or Z axis fields. You can enter a value in any or all of the fields. Make sure to change values of 0 into 0.0 to fix strange behaviour!
  5. Press OK. The transformation is applied.