Hammer Edit Visgroups Dialog

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This dialog allows you to edit the name and color of a VisGroup, as well as add and remove new VisGroups.

Hammer editvisgroup.png


This is a listing of existing VisGroups. Different sections can be collapsed using the tree controls.


This field contains the name of the currently selected VisGroup. You can rename the selected VisGroup by typing a new name here, or editing the existing one. VisGroup names can also be changed by clicking on the group in the Groups list, waiting a moment, then clicking on it again.


All objects in a VisGroup share a common color in the 2D views, and in the 3D views in solid and wireframe modes. The VisGroup color has no effect on the color of the objects in the game, or in the textured 3D view.

Clicking this button brings up a color selection dialog. Select a color and click OK to assign the color for the objects in the VisGroup.


Removes the selected VisGroup. Any objects in the VisGroup will have all VisGroup assignments removed, but otherwise unchanged.

Tip.png Tip: You can also quickly delete a VisGroup by dragging it out of the from the list in the Filter Control Bar.

New Group

Creates a new group. Rename the group by typing in the Name field.


Closes the Edit VisGroups dialog.

For more information on VisGroups, see Grouping and VisGrouping.