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This SP mod for Half-Life 2: Episode Two is no longer being developed.

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<Half-Life 2> Half-Life 2: Revival is a Source mod built on Half Life 2: Episode 2. Revival follows the themes, ideas and events of Half-Life 2.

HL2: Revival begins when Gordon Freeman arrives at the Nova Prospekt prison facility. When the prisoners hear that Gordon Freeman is in Nova Prospekt, they all escape... except for John Lamarr, who was in a drug induced sleep. When he awoke, the facility was empty.

HL2: Revival follows John as he attempts to survive while making his way to City 14.

Half-Life 2: Revival will release in 2011 Q3. Developing Status: 15% The developing of this mod is paused due to Valve isn't released the Source SDk Base 2009. I will still making maps, but I cannot turn these to a mod.


  • Follow the events of Half-Life 2
  • 14 maps
  • Around 3 hours of gameplay
  • Puzzles
  • Easter Eggs
  • 7 chapter


  • Train Trip - A Route to Nova Prospekt
  • Nova Prospekt - Escape from Nova Prospekt
  • "Where The Hell Am I?" - Headcrab based town (like Ravenholm)
  • Blue Hell - The ocean
  • Home, Sweet Home - A few more steps to rescue
  • City 14 - Entering City 14
  • Exit 14 - It's time to escape
  • Credits - No comment...


Note that neither of these maps contain light (light or light_spot entity). I will add light later.

ChapterBlueHell.jpgChapterCity14.JPGChapterCity14 2.JPG

Class.JPGRevival SwimmingPool.JPGRevival Trainstation.JPG


  • May '10: Started developing
  • 11 November '10: Added some picture
  • 15 January '11: Paused working (see above)


Zsolt bodzaital_hu Boda

Help Wanted

I'm need help with Face Poser. If you can use it, tell me how can I insert a custom wave file, create the expression, and put it into the map, please write it to this page's talk page. Thank You.

Localized versions

Probably the mod will not contain FacePoser scenes, so it won't contain any subtitles, but other subtitles will be translated to hungarian, english and german.


(This page -and the mod too- is created by a hungarian person, who still learning the english language)

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