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Gutter Runners is a multiplayer mod where players pick their team between a species of rat monster, known as Gutter Runners, and humans known as the City Watch. Each team has three classes available to it. Most weapons available are melee weapons, although each class has their own special abilities. For example, the "Defiler" can throw orbs of poison that expand in a cloud (not unlike smoke grenades in Counter-Strike) and poison anyone on the opposite team who walks into them.


  • Three classes on each team
  • Simple melee deathmatch fun
  • Steal gold from cities to win



Gutter Runners was originally intended to be a "fast mod", made in several weeks. However, as the team worked on it, they realized it could become much more than that. New ideas and concepts were introduced to make the game into what it is now.


Mattias "CyberMan" Nordin

Age 21
Mod Leader, Modeler, Skinner, Animator, Level Designer, Texture Artist, Web Designer, Concept Artist

Niclas "Nic2"

Age 23
Game Designer, Lead Programmer


Age 19
Web Master, Programmer


Age 17
Public Relations, Background Writer

Ryan Maunder

Sound Technician

Daniel Becker

Age: 22
Level Designer

Tim Barnes

Music composer

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