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<Half-Life> <Source> func_pushable is a brush entity available in GoldSrc and Source games.

Note.png Note: In Source, this entity does not exist in the FGD but is still functional albeit without push sounds.

Entity description

A pushable brush object with very primitive physics. It can be thought of as the predecessor to func_physbox. It is used in Half-Life in the chapter Office Complex.


Friction <float>
The amount of friction in the brush.
Buoyancy <float>
The amount of buoyancy in the brush.
Hull size <choices>
The size of the brushes' hull
Value Description
0 Point size
1 Player size
2 Big size
3 Player duck
Spawn on break <string>
What entity to spawn when this brush breaks.
Target on break <targetname>
What entity to fire an input to when this brush breaks.
Explosion magnitude <float>
How large should an explosion be when this brush breaks (if any)?
Material type <choices>
What material this brush uses. Will affect what kind of gibs are produced.
Value Description
0 Glass
1 Wood
2 Metal
3 Flesh
4 Cinder block
5 Ceiling tile
6 Computer
7 Unbreakable glass
8 Rock
Gib model <string>
Used to specify a custom model to use when this brush breaks.


  • 128: Breakable