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This mod for Source is currently in open beta. Download it now.


This mod is set in Games Workshop's, great Warhammer 40,000(40k) universe, as seen in Dawn of War and our previous mod for Half-Life, Rival Species.

The 40k universe is set in the year 40,000 by which time mankind has colonized millions of worlds thought the galaxy by interstellar warp travel. Humanity is ruled by a vast, uncaring, priesthood/bureaucracy on Earth in the name of an all powerful god/Emperor. A galaxy of insidious alien races have threatened and fought the Imperium since its earliest days in innumerable wars and battles.

Once more the Imperium is under threat. The extra-galactic menace of a new Tyranid hive fleet has arrived. A billion billion creatures with a single, vast mind, hungering for organic matter. Unopposed a hive fleet can strip a living world to bare bedrock, consuming all life, air and water to create yet more Tyranids.

The playable beta version of Exterminatus is available for download from The 40k Source Website. This download includes Three Species: Imperials, Tyranids and Chaos. Eioghteen distinct classes, each with their own weapons. Ten maps from the 41st millennium, each with their own missions and objectives.

News of the mod's progress being reported monthly on it's forum, website and moddb, including screen shots and movies from alpha and beta test sessions.


  • Team based multi-player missions in a variety of Warhammer 40,000 environments.
  • Three teams, with distinct and varied weapons, abilities and tactics.
  • Six Imperial space marine classes : Tactical, Assault, Weapons Specialist, Veteran, Heavy Weapons, Ternminator and Dreadnaught
  • Six Chaos space marine classes : Renegade, Raptor, Weapons Specialist, Aspiring Champion, Havoc, Ternminator and Dreadnaught
  • Six distinct Tyranid classes : Warrior, Genestealer, Lictor, Zoanthrope, Biovore and Carnifex



Space Marine player classes


In-game action


Imperial city conlict


Tyranid player classes


Learning from the teams experiences with developing mods for Half-life and Half-Life 2 the team set out with some realistically achievable goals. Exterminatus is is more a sequel to Rival Species in spirit than in design. Rival Species has a very broad scope, hoping to include the many species of the 40k universe, after five years it is clear that the vast quantity of content this approach required was damaging to the quality of the content and gameplay. Preferring enjoyable game play over the seemingly endless task of recreating the enormous 40k universe the team have decided to focus on just two species. As an 40k fan will tell you the "Imperium of man" and it's Space Marine a no-brainer choice for one species, the other was not so clear, so we have created a public settings poll to allow the public to guide our choice. After a very close call the public decided on the Tyranid setting.

Once the initial Beta of EX was released to the public a second poll was posted to determine the future direction of the mod. The vote went in favour of adding an extra playable class to each team. In January 2012 the Exterminatus team finally delivered Beta 6.0 featuring the new Terminator and Genstealer player classes.

Beta 6.20 was released in April 2012, improving on the usability and objective system, followed by Beta 6.25 in June, which improved of the playability and balance.

Beta 7.0 was released in September 2012, featuring new Apothecary (medic) and Biovore (artilery) player classes as well as new particle effects and a new map Taris Ultra.

Beta 7.25 was released in December 2012, featuring new Assault marine class (with jump pack) and Venom Cannon wargear for the Carniffex classs well as more new particle effects.

Beta 7.50 was released in April 2013, featuring new weapons for the Specialist class ( Flamer and Plasmagun ), new particles systems and "Ammo Shrines" allowing marines to re-stock in the field.

Beta 7.61 was released in January 2014, featuring a Tarantula defensive turret for the marine team, several bug fixes for minor but old issues, lots of aesthetic improvements and many balance tweaks.

Beta 8.0 was released in July 2014, porting all the existing features across to the Source SDK 2013 code base and improving the playability of the Terminator class.

Beta 8.10 was released in January 2015, making use of newer shaders and new sound effects to re-brand the teams as Blood Ravens spacemarines and tyranids of hive fleet Leviathan.

Beta 8.21 was released in October 2015, improving the Lictor cloaking effect, adding polish throughout the mod and adding a new map ex_forge.

Beta 8.38 was released in February 2016, adding a new Dreadnaught player class and two new tyranid weapons, the Devourer and Barbed Strangler.

Beta 8.60 was released in February 2017, adding an offline tutorial, replacing the main menu, adding polish, such as more dramatic lighting, custom sky boxes and ambient sounds to many of the maps. Updated to the 2013 "Beta" SDK branch.

In May 2017 Games Workshop denied us permission to add Exterminatus to the Steam Store on the grounds that commercial distribution is against the terms of use for their Intellectual Property.

Alpha 8.70 was release in July 2017, adding a Chaos Space Marine faction to the game. Space marine equivalent classes are in using first pass art assets and imperial weapons as place-holders.


  • Team Leader : ChromeAngel
  • Public Relations : Typheron, Joven
  • Web Hosting : Bahl
  • Contributors : Cyberman, Eltharyon, ]OX[Razielk, ]OX[Alhaus, Darkwulf, The Foot Clan, Farseer, Loxn, Nqss, Stahlhagel, The VMan, DontASk4470, Stormwolf 597, Bulwark, White Lightning

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