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Released-64px.png Released!
TypeSingle Player Modification
DevelopersBrown Dyed Hotel
EngineSource Source
Based onHalf-Life 2 Half-Life 2
Release Date 2008
Last VersionFinal (May 10 2008)

The World Of Ether

Ether features gameplay elements where the player is able to alter gravity on objects to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. The world of Ether is based on gravity, and every animal, plant, object and person in it has evolved around gravity. This will show in the game as the player gets to travel through different gravity zones. From the barren high-gravity plains to the lush, prosperous low-gravity forests and everything in between.


  • Gravitational manipulation - change the state of an object in order to progress through the game.
  • New art & graphics - The world Ether takes place in is completely new and the graphics are built to represent this.


A video has been uploaded to YouTube showing the core mechanics of the game. It features a small temporary room and what is to be the first level. No puzzles are shown.


The idea for the game started over two years ago, but has not until recently gone into development. The work officially started in January 2008, and the release is planned to be in late May this year. It has always been a vision of a stand-alone game, but because of time and amount of people vs the ambition of the project, it was decided that it could work as a modification on an existing engine.

The game participated in the Swedish Game Awards 2008.

Brown Dyed Hotel

Brown Dyed Hotel is a group of students on Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlshamn, Sweden. The little information there is about the team is handed out via the official web page.

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