Error on map: "Client missing DT class CTeamTrainWatcher"

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Orange Box code

Date: 14th August 2008.

Problem: You are unable to run maps after just having compiled a Half-Life 2: Multiplayer mod with the Orange Box code. No source code files have been changed.

Symptoms: Errors in the console such as:

DataTable warning: No matching RecvTable for SendTable 'DT_TeamTrainWatcher'.
Client missing DT class CTeamTrainWatcher
Host_EndGame: CL_ParseClassInfo_EndClasses: CreateDecoders failed.

Followed by the user being dropped from the server.

Cause: "Game_HL2MP-2005.sln" does not include the files for the TeamTrainWatcher entity on the client side. ----


  • In Visual Studio, right click on the Source Files Folder in the Client project
  • Select add existing
  • Select c_team_train_watcher.h and c_team_train_watcher.cpp