Ending a Portal map

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Portal Level Creation


Using this tutorial you can end maps like on Portal's Bonus maps.


Create a brush that's the area that you want the map to end. Texture it with a "tools\toolstrigger" texture. Select it and press CTRL+T. make it a "trigger_once".


Make two entities. Make a "point_clientcommand" and call it "end_disconnect". Make a "env_fade" and call it "end_fade". You may want to place these entities next to the trigger_once brush for convenience.

Trigger's outputs

Make the trigger_once's outputs the following:

Output named Target entities Via this input Parameter Delay
Io11.png OnTrigger end_fade Fade 0.00
Io11.png OnTrigger end_disconnect Command disconnect 2.00


When you touch the trigger the "env_fade" will make you start to fadeout. After 2 seconds, the fadeout will be complete and the "point_clientcommand" will make you return to the main menu.

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