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This mod for Half-Life 2 has been released! Download it now.


Elements of War is a modification for Valve's Source/Gold Source engines, Half-Life 2.

Elements of war: 1337 Board is a HotkeyZ Menu based on Config.cfg from id Software's Quake engine and Valve Software's Gold Source and Source engines. It also comes with a Config(xCFG) folder filled with ConfigZ.cfg's


Over 9,000 hotkeys to create the -ULTIMATE- config.cfg! New ways to attack!!! Change the Camera View of -ANY- Gold Source or Source game/mod! - First Person - Third Person - Top Down View - Side View - Left/Right Shoulder View - Even Create Your Own Combo Commands! +Speed_Use, +Duck_Block, etc Exec countless config files on the fly Extreme X-Box 360 xController support Countless HUD options to help you view the game in a whole new way. Cheat commands built in, no need to fiddle around in the console or searching online. Graphic and Sound options. Easy to edit, use any text editor, like NotePad or ConTEXT. One simple file, countless video games covered.


Crystals have fallen from the sky. The lands are shattered and chaos is around every corner. Your lover, "Death", has been infected by the blue crystals. Touching the red crystals, you're now a red creature. A great battle is fought as you two collide. He manages to damage you, inflicting the blue crystals into your skin. Your mind is once again at peace, as the crystals begin to mix. He still has the hatred to kill you, but you manage to escape his grasp.

War is spread throughout the land, as these red and blue zombies pleague the world. You realize that you are the cure, "Life". On an epic quest to save the world and your lover from total extinction.




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