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Custom Announcer Lines

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A set of lines for the default announcer provided by Valve for custom games to use for whatever they want.

The lines are recorded for each audio language (English, Russian, Chinese, and Korean).

Note: When calling EmitAnnouncerSound() these may need to be prefixed with announcer_ for example EmitAnnouncerSound('announcer_ann_custom_mode_01')

Audio Filename English Subtitle
ann_custom_mode_01 Overthrow.
ann_custom_mode_02 Conquest.
ann_custom_mode_03 Siege.
ann_custom_mode_04 Big Shot.
ann_custom_mode_05 Custom Game.
ann_custom_mode_06 Free for All.
ann_custom_mode_07 Teams.
ann_custom_mode_08 Defense.
ann_custom_mode_09 Offense.
ann_custom_mode_10 Dungeon.
ann_custom_mode_11 Adventure.
ann_custom_mode_12 Puzzle.
ann_custom_mode_13 Melee Battle.
ann_custom_mode_14 Ranged Battle.
ann_custom_mode_15 Hero Battle.
ann_custom_mode_16 Capture.
ann_custom_mode_17 Battle.
ann_custom_mode_18 Tactics.
ann_custom_mode_19 Pre Pick.
ann_custom_mode_20 Duel.
ann_custom_mode_21 War.
ann_custom_mode_22 Pursuit.
ann_custom_mode_23 Explore.
ann_custom_mode_24 Training.
ann_custom_mode_25 Race.
ann_custom_mode_26 Ballgame.
ann_custom_vote_call A vote has been called.
ann_custom_vote_begun A vote has begun.
ann_custom_vote_complete A vote has completed.
ann_custom_begin Begin!
ann_custom_overtime Overtime.
ann_custom_sudden_death Sudden Death.
ann_custom_add_time_01 Time has been added.
ann_custom_add_time_02 The enemy has received additional time.
ann_custom_add_time_03 An enemy has received additional time.
ann_custom_add_time_04 You have received additional time.
ann_custom_time_expired Time expired.
ann_custom_timer_02 Two minutes remaining.
ann_custom_timer_03 Three minutes remaining.
ann_custom_timer_04 Four minutes remaining.
ann_custom_timer_05 Five minutes remaining.
ann_custom_timer_10 Ten minutes remaining.
ann_custom_timer_15 Fifteen minutes remaining.
ann_custom_timer_sec_05 Five seconds remaining.
ann_custom_timer_sec_10 Ten seconds remaining.
ann_custom_timer_sec_15 Fifteen seconds remaining.
ann_custom_timer_sec_30 Thirty seconds remaining.
ann_custom_end_01 Victory!
ann_custom_end_02 You are victorious!
ann_custom_end_03 Defeated!
ann_custom_end_04 You were defeated.
ann_custom_end_05 You have failed.
ann_custom_end_06 Stalemate.
ann_custom_end_07 Tie.
ann_custom_end_08 Game over.
ann_custom_end_09 You died.
ann_custom_end_10 Congratulations!
ann_custom_end_11 Continue?
ann_custom_bad_01 Bad!
ann_custom_countdown_01 One.
ann_custom_countdown_02 Two.
ann_custom_countdown_03 Three.
ann_custom_countdown_04 Four.
ann_custom_countdown_05 Five.
ann_custom_countdown_06 Six.
ann_custom_countdown_07 Seven.
ann_custom_countdown_08 Eight.
ann_custom_countdown_09 Nine.
ann_custom_countdown_10 Ten.
ann_custom_round_01 Round 1.
ann_custom_round_02 Round 2.
ann_custom_round_03 Round 3.
ann_custom_round_04 Round 4.
ann_custom_round_05 Round 5.
ann_custom_round_06 Round 6.
ann_custom_round_07 Round 7.
ann_custom_round_08 Round 8.
ann_custom_round_09 Round 9.
ann_custom_round_10 Round 10.
ann_custom_round_final Final round.
ann_custom_round_begin_01 The next round will begin soon.
ann_custom_round_begin_02 Prepare yourselves. The next round will begin soon.
ann_custom_round_complete Round complete.
ann_custom_team_alerts_01 You have taken the lead.
ann_custom_team_alerts_02 Your team has taken the lead.
ann_custom_team_alerts_03 You have lost the lead.
ann_custom_team_alerts_04 Your team has lost the lead.
ann_custom_team_alerts_05 Capture all points to win the match.
ann_custom_team_alerts_06 This point is locked.
ann_custom_team_alerts_07 All points are locked.
ann_custom_team_alerts_08 All points are unlocked.
ann_custom_team_alerts_09 Your point is being contested.
ann_custom_team_alerts_10 One of your points is being contested.
ann_custom_new_item_01 New item available.
ann_custom_new_message_01 New message.
ann_custom_new_shop_01 A new shop has opened.
ann_custom_draft_01 Draft begins.
ann_custom_draft_02 You have been chosen.
ann_custom_draft_03 Select your position.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_01 Level up.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_02 The enemy team has gained a level.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_03 An enemy has gained a level.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_04 The enemy has gained a level.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_05 Ascended.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_06 You have ascended.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_07 Your team has ascended.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_08 The enemy team has ascended.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_09 You have a new quest.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_10 Quest updated.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_11 Quest complete.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_12 The enemy has completed a quest.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_13 The enemy has progressed.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_14 The enemy has taken an objective.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_15 You must gather your party before venturing forth.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_16 Gather your party.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_17 A traitor attacks.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_18 You have revealed a traitor.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_19 You have slain a traitor.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_20 You have been infiltrated.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_21 Your agent has infiltrated the enemy.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_22 Your agent has infiltrated an enemy.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_23 Your agent attacks.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_24 Your agent has been revealed.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_25 Your agent has been slain.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_26 The enemy has revealed a traitor.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_27 The enemy has slain a traitor.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_28 A traitor attacks an enemy.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_29 A traitor attacks the enemy.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_30 A mercenary joins your cause.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_31 You have recruited a mercenary.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_32 The enemy has recruited a mercenary.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_33 An enemy has recruited a mercenary.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_34 Your noble is in danger.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_35 Your noble is safe.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_36 Your noble has been assassinated.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_37 The enemy noble has been assassinated.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_38 An enemy noble has been assassinated.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_39 The enemy noble is safe.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_40 An enemy noble is safe.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_41 Betrayal!
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_42 Fight!
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_43 Return to town.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_44 Town is under attack.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_45 A treasure has appeared.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_46 A weapon has appeared.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_47 An enemy has appeared.
ann_custom_adventure_alerts_48 A monster has appeared.
ann_custom_turns_01 Your turn.
ann_custom_turns_02 Your turn is next.
ann_custom_turns_03 Your team is next.
ann_custom_turns_04 Turn ended.
ann_custom_turns_05 One move remaining.
ann_custom_turns_06 Out of moves.
ann_custom_turns_07 Enemy turn.
ann_custom_turns_08 You will pick next.
ann_custom_ctf_01 The enemy has taken the banner.
ann_custom_ctf_02 Your team has the banner.
ann_custom_ctf_03 You have taken the banner.
ann_custom_ctf_04 You have the banner.
ann_custom_ctf_05 Your team has captured the banner.
ann_custom_ctf_06 Your team has scored.
ann_custom_ctf_07 The enemy team has scored.
ann_custom_ctf_08 The enemy team has captured the banner.
ann_custom_ctf_09 The enemy team has captured the flag.
ann_custom_ctf_10 The enemy has taken the flag.
ann_custom_ctf_11 Your team has the flag.
ann_custom_ctf_12 You have taken the flag.
ann_custom_ctf_13 You have the flag.
ann_custom_ctf_14 Your team has captured the flag.
ann_custom_ctf_15 An ally has taken the banner.
ann_custom_ctf_16 An ally has taken the flag.
ann_custom_ctf_17 An ally has captured the flag.
ann_custom_ctf_18 An ally has captured the banner.
ann_custom_generic_alert_01 Your base is under attack.
ann_custom_generic_alert_02 An ally is under attack.
ann_custom_generic_alert_03 Your forces are under attack.
ann_custom_generic_alert_04 Your forces have been destroyed.
ann_custom_generic_alert_05 Not enough resources.
ann_custom_generic_alert_06 Insufficient funds.
ann_custom_generic_alert_07 Not ready.
ann_custom_generic_alert_08 Upgrade complete.
ann_custom_generic_alert_09 Research complete.
ann_custom_generic_alert_10 Construction complete.
ann_custom_generic_alert_11 Reinforcements have arrived.
ann_custom_generic_alert_12 Building.
ann_custom_generic_alert_13 Paused.
ann_custom_generic_alert_14 On hold.
ann_custom_generic_alert_15 Cancelled.
ann_custom_generic_alert_16 Mission accomplished.
ann_custom_generic_alert_17 Mission failed.
ann_custom_generic_alert_18 Enemy team destroyed.
ann_custom_generic_alert_19 Allied team destroyed.
ann_custom_generic_alert_20 Gold awarded.
ann_custom_generic_alert_21 Defend.
ann_custom_generic_alert_22 Attack.
ann_custom_generic_alert_23 Waypoint.
ann_custom_generic_alert_24 Retreat.
ann_custom_generic_alert_25 Insufficient gold.
ann_custom_generic_alert_26 Gold has been awarded to the enemy.
ann_custom_generic_alert_27 Gold has been awarded to an enemy.
ann_custom_generic_alert_28 The objective is nearing a waypoint.
ann_custom_generic_alert_29 The objective is nearing its destination.
ann_custom_generic_alert_30 An objective is nearing a waypoint.
ann_custom_generic_alert_31 An objective is nearing its destination.
ann_custom_generic_alert_32 The enemy's objective is nearing a waypoint.
ann_custom_generic_alert_33 The enemy's objective is nearing its destination.
ann_custom_generic_alert_34 An enemy's objective is nearing a waypoint.
ann_custom_generic_alert_35 An enemy's objective is nearing its destination.
ann_custom_generic_alert_36 The beast has been slain.
ann_custom_generic_alert_37 The beast has been slain by the enemy.
ann_custom_generic_alert_38 The beast has been slain by an enemy.
ann_custom_generic_alert_39 A beast has been slain.
ann_custom_generic_alert_40 A beast has been slain by the enemy.
ann_custom_generic_alert_41 A beast has been slain by an enemy.
ann_custom_generic_alert_42 The beast has been slain by an ally.
ann_custom_generic_alert_43 A beast has been slain by an ally.
ann_custom_generic_alert_44 A threat has been spotted to the north.
ann_custom_generic_alert_45 A threat has been spotted to the northeast.
ann_custom_generic_alert_46 A threat has been spotted to the east.
ann_custom_generic_alert_47 A threat has been spotted to the southeast.
ann_custom_generic_alert_48 A threat has been spotted to the south.
ann_custom_generic_alert_49 A threat has been spotted to the southwest.
ann_custom_generic_alert_50 A threat has been spotted to the west.
ann_custom_generic_alert_51 A threat has been spotted to the northwest.
ann_custom_generic_alert_52 A threat has been spotted at the center.
ann_custom_generic_alert_53 A threat has been spotted at an unknown location.
ann_custom_generic_alert_54 A threat comes to the north.
ann_custom_generic_alert_55 A threat comes to the northeast.
ann_custom_generic_alert_56 A threat comes to the east.
ann_custom_generic_alert_57 A threat comes to the southeast.
ann_custom_generic_alert_58 A threat comes to the south.
ann_custom_generic_alert_59 A threat comes to the southwest.
ann_custom_generic_alert_60 A threat comes to the west.
ann_custom_generic_alert_61 A threat comes to the northwest.
ann_custom_generic_alert_62 A threat comes to the center.
ann_custom_generic_alert_63 A threat comes to an unknown location.
ann_custom_generic_alert_64 Something comes to the north.
ann_custom_generic_alert_65 Something comes to the northeast.
ann_custom_generic_alert_66 Something comes to the east.
ann_custom_generic_alert_67 Something comes to the southeast.
ann_custom_generic_alert_68 Something comes to the south.
ann_custom_generic_alert_69 Something comes to the southwest.
ann_custom_generic_alert_70 Something comes to the west.
ann_custom_generic_alert_71 Something comes to the northwest.
ann_custom_generic_alert_72 Something comes to the center.
ann_custom_generic_alert_73 Something comes to an unknown location.
ann_custom_generic_alert_74 Fortune comes to the north.
ann_custom_generic_alert_75 Fortune comes to the northeast.
ann_custom_generic_alert_76 Fortune comes to the east.
ann_custom_generic_alert_77 Fortune comes to the southeast.
ann_custom_generic_alert_78 Fortune comes to the south.
ann_custom_generic_alert_79 Fortune comes to the southwest.
ann_custom_generic_alert_80 Fortune comes to the west.
ann_custom_generic_alert_81 Fortune comes to the northwest.
ann_custom_generic_alert_82 Fortune comes to the center.
ann_custom_generic_alert_83 Fortune comes to an unknown location.
ann_custom_item_alerts_01 An item is being delivered.
ann_custom_item_alerts_02 An item is about to be delivered.
ann_custom_item_alerts_03 An item has arrived.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_01 Earth is being contested.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_02 Fire is being contested.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_03 Metal is being contested.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_04 Water is being contested.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_05 Wood is being contested.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_06 Wind is being contested.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_07 Air is being contested.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_08 Aether is being contested.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_09 Soul is being contested.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_10 Heart is being contested.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_11 Earth has been claimed.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_12 Fire has been claimed.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_13 Metal has been claimed.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_14 Water has been claimed.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_15 Wood has been claimed.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_16 Wind has been claimed.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_17 Air has been claimed.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_18 Aether has been claimed.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_19 Soul has been claimed.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_20 Heart has been claimed.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_21 You have claimed Earth.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_22 You have claimed Fire.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_23 You have claimed Metal.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_24 You have claimed Water.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_25 You have claimed Wood.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_26 You have claimed Wind.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_27 You have claimed Air.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_28 You have claimed Aether.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_29 You have claimed Soul.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_30 You have claimed Heart.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_31 You have captured Earth.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_32 You have captured Fire.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_33 You have captured Metal.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_34 You have captured Water.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_35 You have captured Wood.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_36 You have captured Wind.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_37 You have captured Air.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_38 You have captured Aether.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_39 You have captured Soul.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_40 You have captured Heart.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_41 Earth is locked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_42 Fire is locked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_43 Metal is locked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_44 Water is locked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_45 Wood is locked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_46 Wind is locked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_47 Air is locked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_48 Aether is locked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_49 Soul is locked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_50 Heart is locked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_51 Earth is unlocked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_52 Fire is unlocked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_53 Metal is unlocked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_54 Water is unlocked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_55 Wood is unlocked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_56 Wind is unlocked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_57 Air is unlocked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_58 Aether is unlocked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_59 Soul is unlocked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_60 Heart is unlocked.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_61 Earth.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_62 Fire.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_63 Metal.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_64 Water.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_65 Wood.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_66 Wind.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_67 Air.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_68 Aether.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_69 Soul.
ann_custom_cp_alerts_70 Heart.
ann_custom_sports_01 Play ball!
ann_custom_sports_02 Foul!
ann_custom_sports_03 Out of bounds!
ann_custom_sports_04 Penalty!
ann_custom_sports_05 Time out.
ann_custom_sports_06 Goal!
ann_custom_sports_07 Goal!
ann_custom_sports_08 Gooooooal!
ann_custom_sports_09 Crash!
ann_custom_time_alert_01 Night is falling.
ann_custom_time_alert_02 Night has arrived.
ann_custom_time_alert_03 Dawn is breaking.
ann_custom_time_alert_04 Dawn has come.
ann_custom_time_alert_05 Day is breaking.
ann_custom_time_alert_06 Day has come.
ann_custom_time_alert_07 Dawn.
ann_custom_time_alert_08 Day.
ann_custom_time_alert_09 Night.
ann_custom_weather_alert_01 The season is about to change.
ann_custom_weather_alert_02 The season is changing.
ann_custom_weather_alert_03 Spring has arrived.
ann_custom_weather_alert_04 Summer has arrived.
ann_custom_weather_alert_05 Autumn has arrived.
ann_custom_weather_alert_06 Winter has arrived.
ann_custom_weather_alert_07 Fall has arrived.
ann_custom_weather_alert_08 Fog is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_09 Winds is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_10 Severe Winds are forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_11 A tornado is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_12 Rain is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_13 A storm is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_14 Snow is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_15 A blizzard is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_16 An avalanche is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_17 Sunshine is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_18 A dust storm is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_19 An earthquake is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_20 A flood is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_21 Wildfires are forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_22 A firestorm is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_23 A landslide is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_24 A volcano eruption is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_25 A tsunami is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_26 A hurricane is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_27 A heat wave is forecast.
ann_custom_weather_alert_28 Fog.
ann_custom_weather_alert_29 Winds.
ann_custom_weather_alert_30 Severe Winds.
ann_custom_weather_alert_31 Tornado.
ann_custom_weather_alert_32 Rain.
ann_custom_weather_alert_33 Storm.
ann_custom_weather_alert_34 Snow.
ann_custom_weather_alert_35 Blizzard.
ann_custom_weather_alert_36 Avalanche.
ann_custom_weather_alert_37 Sunshine.
ann_custom_weather_alert_38 Dust storm.
ann_custom_weather_alert_39 Earthquake.
ann_custom_weather_alert_40 Flood.
ann_custom_weather_alert_41 Wildfires.
ann_custom_weather_alert_42 Firestorm.
ann_custom_weather_alert_43 Landslide.
ann_custom_weather_alert_44 Volcano eruption.
ann_custom_weather_alert_45 Tsunami.
ann_custom_weather_alert_46 Hurricane.
ann_custom_weather_alert_47 Heat wave.
ann_custom_weather_alert_48 Spring.
ann_custom_weather_alert_49 Summer.
ann_custom_weather_alert_50 Winter.
ann_custom_weather_alert_51 Autumn.
ann_custom_weather_alert_52 Fall.
ann_custom_phase_01 Phase begun.
ann_custom_phase_02 Phase complete.
ann_custom_time_division_01 First quarter!
ann_custom_time_division_02 Second quarter!
ann_custom_time_division_03 Half time!
ann_custom_time_division_04 Third quarter!
ann_custom_time_division_05 Fourth quarter!
ann_custom_time_division_06 First half!
ann_custom_time_division_07 Second half!
ann_custom_time_division_08 Grand finals!
ann_custom_time_division_09 Semester begins!
ann_custom_time_division_10 Class begins!
ann_custom_time_division_11 Class ends!
ann_custom_time_division_12 Final exam!
ann_custom_school_01 Valedictorian!
ann_custom_school_02 Head of the class!
ann_custom_place_01 First place.
ann_custom_place_02 Second place.
ann_custom_place_03 Third place.
ann_custom_place_04 Fourth place.
ann_custom_place_05 Fifth place.
ann_custom_place_06 Sixth place.
ann_custom_place_07 Seventh place.
ann_custom_place_08 Eighth place.
ann_custom_place_09 Ninth place.
ann_custom_place_10 Tenth place.
ann_custom_yr_barracks_01 Your barracks are under attack.
ann_custom_yr_barracks_02 Your barracks have fallen.
ann_custom_yr_tower_01 Your tower is under attack.
ann_custom_yr_tower_02 Your tower has fallen.
ann_custom_yr_tower_03 Your tower has been denied.
ann_custom_structures_01 Structures fortified.
ann_custom_structures_02 Fortified.
ann_custom_name_only_01 Teal.
ann_custom_name_only_02 Yellow.
ann_custom_name_only_03 Pink.
ann_custom_name_only_04 Orange.
ann_custom_name_only_05 Purple.
ann_custom_name_only_06 Blue.
ann_custom_name_only_07 Olive.
ann_custom_name_only_08 Brown.
ann_custom_name_only_09 Cyan.
ann_custom_name_only_10 Green.
ann_custom_name_only_11 Grey.
ann_custom_name_only_12 Silver.
ann_custom_name_only_13 Red.
ann_custom_name_only_14 Boar.
ann_custom_name_only_15 Dog.
ann_custom_name_only_16 Dragon.
ann_custom_name_only_17 Horse.
ann_custom_name_only_18 Monkey.
ann_custom_name_only_19 Ox.
ann_custom_name_only_20 Rabbit.
ann_custom_name_only_21 Ram.
ann_custom_name_only_22 Rat.
ann_custom_name_only_23 Rooster.
ann_custom_name_only_24 Snake.
ann_custom_name_only_25 Tiger.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_01 Teal's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_02 Yellow's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_03 Pink's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_04 Orange's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_05 Purple's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_06 Blue's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_07 Olive's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_08 Brown's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_09 Cyan's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_10 Green's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_11 Grey's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_12 Silver's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_13 Red's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_14 Boar's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_15 Dog's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_16 Dragon's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_17 Horse's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_18 Monkey's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_19 Ox's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_20 Rabbit's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_21 Ram's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_22 Rat's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_23 Rooster's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_24 Snake's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_ban_25 Tiger's turn to ban.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_01 Teal's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_02 Yellow's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_03 Pink's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_04 Orange's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_05 Purple's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_06 Blue's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_07 Olive's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_08 Brown's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_09 Cyan's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_10 Green's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_11 Grey's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_12 Silver's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_13 Red's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_14 Boar's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_15 Dog's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_16 Dragon's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_17 Horse's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_18 Monkey's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_19 Ox's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_20 Rabbit's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_21 Ram's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_22 Rat's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_23 Rooster's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_24 Snake's turn to pick.
ann_custom_turn_to_pick_25 Tiger's turn to pick.
ann_custom_taken_lead_01 Teal has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_02 Yellow has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_03 Pink has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_04 Orange has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_05 Purple has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_06 Blue has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_07 Olive has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_08 Brown has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_09 Cyan has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_10 Green has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_11 Grey has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_12 Silver has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_13 Red has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_14 Boar has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_15 Dog has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_16 Dragon has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_17 Horse has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_18 Monkey has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_19 Ox has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_20 Rabbit has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_21 Ram has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_22 Rat has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_23 Rooster has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_24 Snake has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_25 Tiger has taken the lead.
ann_custom_taken_lead_26 You have taken the lead.
ann_custom_first_blood_01 Teal has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_02 Yellow has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_03 Pink has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_04 Orange has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_05 Purple has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_06 Blue has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_07 Olive has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_08 Brown has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_09 Cyan has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_10 Green has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_11 Grey has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_12 Silver has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_13 Red has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_14 Boar has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_15 Dog has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_16 Dragon has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_17 Horse has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_18 Monkey has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_19 Ox has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_20 Rabbit has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_21 Ram has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_22 Rat has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_23 Rooster has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_24 Snake has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_first_blood_25 Tiger has drawn first blood.
ann_custom_tower_fall_01 Teal's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_02 Yellow's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_03 Pink's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_04 Orange's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_05 Purple's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_06 Blue's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_07 Olive's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_08 Brown's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_09 Cyan's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_10 Green's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_11 Grey's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_12 Silver's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_13 Red's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_14 Boar's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_15 Dog's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_16 Dragon's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_17 Horse's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_18 Monkey's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_19 Ox's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_20 Rabbit's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_21 Ram's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_22 Rat's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_23 Rooster's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_24 Snake's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_fall_25 Tiger's tower has fallen.
ann_custom_tower_deny_01 Teal's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_02 Yellow's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_03 Pink's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_04 Orange's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_05 Purple's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_06 Blue's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_07 Olive's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_08 Brown's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_09 Cyan's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_10 Green's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_11 Grey's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_12 Silver's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_13 Red's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_14 Boar's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_15 Dog's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_16 Dragon's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_17 Horse's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_18 Monkey's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_19 Ox's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_20 Rabbit's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_21 Ram's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_22 Rat's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_23 Rooster's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_24 Snake's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_tower_deny_25 Tiger's tower has been denied.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_01 Teal's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_02 Yellow's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_03 Pink's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_04 Orange's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_05 Purple's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_06 Blue's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_07 Olive's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_08 Brown's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_09 Cyan's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_10 Green's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_11 Grey's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_12 Silver's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_13 Red's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_14 Boar's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_15 Dog's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_16 Dragon's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_17 Horse's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_18 Monkey's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_19 Ox's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_20 Rabbit's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_21 Ram's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_22 Rat's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_23 Rooster's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_24 Snake's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_barracks_fall_25 Tiger's barracks has fallen.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_01 Teal now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_02 Yellow now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_03 Pink now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_04 Orange now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_05 Purple now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_06 Blue now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_07 Olive now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_08 Brown now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_09 Cyan now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_10 Green now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_11 Grey now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_12 Silver now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_13 Red now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_14 Boar now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_15 Dog now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_16 Dragon now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_17 Horse now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_18 Monkey now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_19 Ox now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_20 Rabbit now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_21 Ram now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_22 Rat now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_23 Rooster now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_24 Snake now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_mega_creeps_25 Tiger now has megacreeps.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_01 Roshan has fallen to Teal.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_02 Roshan has fallen to Yellow.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_03 Roshan has fallen to Pink.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_04 Roshan has fallen to Orange.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_05 Roshan has fallen to Purple.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_06 Roshan has fallen to Blue.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_07 Roshan has fallen to Olive.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_08 Roshan has fallen to Brown.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_09 Roshan has fallen to Cyan.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_10 Roshan has fallen to Green.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_11 Roshan has fallen to Grey.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_12 Roshan has fallen to Silver.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_13 Roshan has fallen to Red.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_14 Roshan has fallen to Boar.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_15 Roshan has fallen to Dog.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_16 Roshan has fallen to Dragon.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_17 Roshan has fallen to Horse.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_18 Roshan has fallen to Monkey.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_19 Roshan has fallen to Ox.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_20 Roshan has fallen to Rabbit.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_21 Roshan has fallen to Ram.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_22 Roshan has fallen to Rat.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_23 Roshan has fallen to Rooster.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_24 Roshan has fallen to Snake.
ann_custom_roshan_fall_25 Roshan has fallen to Tiger.
ann_custom_courier_slain_01 Teal's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_02 Yellow's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_03 Pink's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_04 Orange's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_05 Purple's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_06 Blue's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_07 Olive's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_08 Brown's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_09 Cyan's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_10 Green's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_11 Grey's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_12 Silver's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_13 Red's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_14 Boar's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_15 Dog's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_16 Dragon's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_17 Horse's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_18 Monkey's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_19 Ox's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_20 Rabbit's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_21 Ram's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_22 Rat's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_23 Rooster's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_24 Snake's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_25 Tiger's courier has been slain.
ann_custom_courier_slain_26 Your courier has been slain.
ann_custom_fortified_01 Teal's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_02 Yellow's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_03 Pink's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_04 Orange's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_05 Purple's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_06 Blue's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_07 Olive's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_08 Brown's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_09 Cyan's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_10 Green's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_11 Grey's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_12 Silver's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_13 Red's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_14 Boar's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_15 Dog's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_16 Dragon's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_17 Horse's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_18 Monkey's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_19 Ox's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_20 Rabbit's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_21 Ram's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_22 Rat's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_23 Rooster's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_24 Snake's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_fortified_25 Tiger's structures are fortified.
ann_custom_defeated_01 Teal has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_02 Yellow has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_03 Pink has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_04 Orange has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_05 Purple has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_06 Blue has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_07 Olive has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_08 Brown has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_09 Cyan has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_10 Green has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_11 Grey has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_12 Silver has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_13 Red has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_14 Boar has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_15 Dog has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_16 Dragon has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_17 Horse has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_18 Monkey has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_19 Ox has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_20 Rabbit has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_21 Ram has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_22 Rat has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_23 Rooster has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_24 Snake has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_25 Tiger has been defeated.
ann_custom_defeated_26 You have been defeated.
ann_custom_victorious_01 Teal is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_02 Yellow is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_03 Pink is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_04 Orange is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_05 Purple is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_06 Blue is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_07 Olive is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_08 Brown is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_09 Cyan is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_10 Green is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_11 Grey is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_12 Silver is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_13 Red is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_14 Boar is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_15 Dog is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_16 Dragon is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_17 Horse is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_18 Monkey is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_19 Ox is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_20 Rabbit is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_21 Ram is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_22 Rat is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_23 Rooster is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_24 Snake is victorious!
ann_custom_victorious_25 Tiger is victorious!
ann_custom_victory_01 Teal victory!
ann_custom_victory_02 Yellow victory!
ann_custom_victory_03 Pink victory!
ann_custom_victory_04 Orange victory!
ann_custom_victory_05 Purple victory!
ann_custom_victory_06 Blue victory!
ann_custom_victory_07 Olive victory!
ann_custom_victory_08 Brown victory!
ann_custom_victory_09 Cyan victory!
ann_custom_victory_10 Green victory!
ann_custom_victory_11 Grey victory!
ann_custom_victory_12 Silver victory!
ann_custom_victory_13 Red victory!
ann_custom_victory_14 Boar victory!
ann_custom_victory_15 Dog victory!
ann_custom_victory_16 Dragon victory!
ann_custom_victory_17 Horse victory!
ann_custom_victory_18 Monkey victory!
ann_custom_victory_19 Ox victory!
ann_custom_victory_20 Rabbit victory!
ann_custom_victory_21 Ram victory!
ann_custom_victory_22 Rat victory!
ann_custom_victory_23 Rooster victory!
ann_custom_victory_24 Snake victory!
ann_custom_victory_25 Tiger victory!