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dod_object_goal is a brush entity available in Day of Defeat Day of Defeat. This is a brush based target volume for a dod_object entity.

Key Values


Name (targetname) <targetname>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.
Target (target) <targetname>
Target Path.
Group Name (capobj_group) <string>
Name of the objective group this goal area is a member of.
Target when complete (capobj_donetarget) <string>
This is the "Target" started when the dod_object triggers the dod_object_goal.
Sprite to show on HUD if in zone without object (capobj_hud_sprite) <sprite>
Path to a sprite file that is displayed in the HUD when you are in the dod_object_goal and you don't have the object or you’re carrying a different object to the one required.
Master (master) <string>
Name of a master entity.


  •  [1] : Don't multicap
       If Ticked then only one object from the group is required to Trigger the Target.
  •  [2] : Cap once per round
       If Ticked then only allow the dod_object to Trigger the Target once per round.