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January 2024

dod_camera is a point entity available in Day of Defeat Day of Defeat. This entity is a special version of the trigger_camera entity for Day of Defeat. It is used to create cineastic cutscenes where the camera takes over the view of players.

Key Values


Name (targetname) <targetname>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.
Target (target) <targetname>
Target Path.
Acceleration units/sec^2 (acceleration) <string>
Stop Deceleration units/sec^2 (deceleration) <string>
Path Corner (moveto) <string>
Name of the first path_corner entity to make the camera move.
Zoom FOV (zoomlevel) <integer>
Set camera zoom.
dod_camera View (cam_overlay) <choices>
Value Description
0 normal
1 Scope (20)
2 Binoculars (50)
3 Widescreen (110)
dod_camera Fade (cam_fade) <choices>
Value Description
0 normal
1 black (instant fade out)
2 fast fade out (2 sec)
3 fast fade in (2 sec)
4 slow fade out (4 sec)
5 slow fade in (4 sec)
Subtitle (subtitle) <integer>
Killtarget (killtarget) <targetname>
Delay before trigger (delay) <string>
Delay before trigger in seconds
Team that is bound to (teambound) <choices>
Determines which team the camera scene is for.
Value Description
0 Allies
1 Axis
2 Both
Hold time (wait) <integer>
Trigger on End (triggerend) <integer>
Trigger to start the camera scene.
Trigger on Start (triggerstart) <integer>
Trigger to end the camera scene.
Initial Speed (speed) <integer>
Speed of the camera movement.


  •  [1] : Start At Player
       Camera starts at players eye position.
  •  [2] : Follow Player
       Camera uses the player as target.
  •  [4] : Freeze Player
       Prevent player actions during camera scene.