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This mod for Source is no longer being developed. Download its last release here.


<Half-Life 2> Decloak: Source a round-based mod with a simple core objective of escaping as the rebel team or defending an escape point as the combine. With the slight twist that the rebels can cloak to become completely invisible. The combine have a modified flashlight that can decloak the rebels when shone over them, rendering the the invisibility useless and allowing for massive carnage.

When all of this is mixed into a time based round with combine setting up barricades, SLAMs, Decloaking lights and turrets or rooting out and hunting down the rebels. This can be one crazy experience. Not to mention that rebels can gain upgrades off their fallen team mates.


  • Rebel Cloaking device
  • Rebel special weapon pickups
  • Pickups from fallen team mates
  • Combine Decloaking flashlight
    • Combine standalone decloaking lights
  • Combine Turret
  • 2 training maps, similar to the HL1 Hazard Course

The Team

John Tsakok
- Creator, Lead coder
David Miller
- Team lead, Webmaster, PR
Mike "Townsend22" Townsend
- Lead mapper
Tim "ultio" Eulitz
- Mapper, misc. assets
Kristjan "BioĦaZarÐ" Skutta
- Animator
Alex S.
- Sound design
Hayden Carbis
- Network tester
Tim "Ons1aught" Weyer
- Internal beta tester


  • Working on Beta 2. Which will fix most if not all bugs; have several new maps including the training, new weapons, the turret and other assorted stuff. Should be out about the end of the year.

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