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Decadence is a 2 vs 2 multiplayer total conversion of Half-Life 2 Half-Life 2 and combines the personal relationship to characters and surroundings of single-player games with an adrenaline filled multiplayer experience. Decadence pits two teams against each other in a fight over territorial control. Each map is designed in stages to offer a more compact and action filled gameplay that puts focus on teamwork and strategy.

Decadence is multiplayer with personality, where you play as one of four different characters. The character you pick is exclusively for you and will give you a unique weapon and other advantages, and you need to use every single one of them together in combination with your teammate to succeed. The environment is also key to survival, providing cover from enemy fire as you advance towards the capture. Staying close to your teammate is vital in Decadence. She is able to help you in many ways, not only as an extra hand in combat, but she can also revive you if you get shot down.

The story of Decadence takes you into the near future, to a world where governments are scarce and survival is all that matters. Various attempts to grow food have lead to poisonous chemicals flowing through bodies of water, and plants growing in ways never thought to be possible. Promising a heavily atmospheric world and an interesting twist on team-driven gameplay, Decadence is a unique multiplayer experience that casual online friends and hardcore FPS gamers can enjoy together.


Four Distinct Characters

Two unique characters on each team make you half of your team’s strength. Win as a team or die alone.

Revival and Regenerative Health

Take cover to regain health but if you get shot down your team mate should be nearby to revive you.

Push Style Gameplay

Fight against the opposing team in secluded areas. Push them back enough checkpoints to win the match.


With no HUD you aim and read ammo and health as you would in the real world, not as an overlay over your eyes.



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