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This MP mod for Half-Life 2 is no longer being developed. Download its last release here.

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Deathcatch was intended to be a mod for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch in which players were to kill each other using nothing but props, the environment and melee weapons. Bullets was going to be forbidden from the game, and all conventional weapons removed, in order to spice up gameplay.

Gametypes planned

Tournament Game; A serious team based game, deathmatch rules apply however you must stay within the arena zone whilst playing and spectate when not playing, this is the gametype noobs will probably ruin and just treat it as Team Deathmatch. Deathcatch; The main gametype, basically deathmatch rules apply, only bullets are removed and maps are designed for fast flowing adrenaline pumped gaming Single-Player; A tutorial level is being planned, this may amount to a single player campaign, we aren't sure as of yet if we have the manpower.


The combine have suppressed the world, as you may know Gordon Freeman is fighting for freedom outside the arena, but you fight for your freedom inside the arena, the combine have imprisoned the few skilled sportsmen and women amongst the human race and challenged them to their freedom, the combine have found out how the Zero-Point energy gun works and have designed a deadly game to keep them entertained, if the humans win the tornemant against the combine, they are free to go, but then again knowing the combine they will probably just gun them down as soon as they leave so bearing that in mind the humans plan secretly to over-run the combine at all the deathcatch arenas and comandeer them for the rebels to use as outposts like the ones seen in Half-Life 2, if the Dcatchers are lucky enough they may even encounter Gordon Freeman himself!


Of course the main weapon is the Gravity-gun, but here is a list of weapons we intend to put in the game.
Key: [HL2]= Already made in HL2DM, [I]= Just an idea/concept, [xx%]= Percentage of weapon work completed.
Gravity-Gun [HL2]
Combine Grav Rifle (A combine version of the GravGun) [01%]
Crowbar [HL2]
Stunstick [HL2]
Grenades [HL2]
Flashbang Grenade [01%]
Smoke grenade [0.1%]
Slayer (Combine knife/dagger) [0.1%]
Rusty Pipe (Humans secondary mellee weapon) [0.1%]

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