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"Could you just jump into that pit?"
- Wheatley

Bottomless pits are used as obstacles in Portal 2 and destroy objects and players that drop into them, just like grinders and deadly goo. They trigger a fade to black for players that fall into them.

Entities you need

trigger_hurt (using the block tool)

Making the deadly pit

Take your block tool and make a block, with the trigger texture, in the place where you want the player's death. After that press [Ctrl+T] and make it trigger_hurt. You can see many properties but we are only going to use the "damage", "damage cap" (only if you have chosen Doubling w/Forgiveness) and the "damage type" properties.

Final things you need to do

Change the properties

Property Name Value Help
Damage 1000 The amount of damage done to entities that touch this trigger. The damage is done every half-second.
Damage cap 1000 Maximum damage dealt per second. This field is only used if you select the Doubling w/Forgiveness damage model, via the spawnflag.
Damage type FALL -

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