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db_prop_sphere_override is a point entity available in Dreamball Dreamball.

Entity Description

This entity is a duplicate and functions the same as a prop physics override. The only difference with the db_prop_sphere_override is it uses a coded collision model, a perfectly round sphere (and is cheaper then a regular prop_physics). Use this entity with models such as marbles, rocks, buolders, etc. It will roll perfectly with no rockiness (that you'd usually get with a prop_physics). It has no use as a standard prop physics, only use for something round shaped that you want to roll smooth & perfectly.

It also adds an extra key value (Radius) for overriding the radius of the collision model (regular db_prop_sphere will use the squared radius of the model you're using). As most of Dreamball's physics props require the use of prop physics override to be used (instead of prop physics you'll most likely need to use this entity instead of db prop sphere.

  • This entity uses all the same functions as prop physics override. See that entity for a list of it's properties you can use.


  • Radius
Overrides the sphere-radius (collision). A negative value means using the radius calculated from the model. Using a higher value, i.e. 30 units will make the model's collision sphere be 30 units, but if the model was only 20 units big then you'll have a floating model with 10 units extra space. Only override it if you really need to.

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