Dark Powers

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This mod for Source has been released! Download it now.


Dark Powers adds a layer of strategic area control game-play on top of the standard HL2DM team play. Spawn points are captured by overloading combine capture points with dark energy pellets (AKA combine balls). Spawns can also have attached devices to help their teams, such as weapons and health dispensers.


  • Game play that actually uses the Gravity Gun in multi-player
  • Team allied, Weapon dispensers, Ammo crates, Health chargers and Turrets for spawn protection
  • Stance based accuracy (crouching improves aim, sprinting and jumping increases spread)
  • Jumping and sprinting depend on regenerating "Stamina" (rather than Aux Power)


DP is most of all a test of the gameplay mode. I would really like to make another sci-fi themed mod, but making all the assets only to then find the gameplay isn't fun would be massive waste of time and effort. By making a shallow mod in the HL2 universe I can re-use assets and code from the Source SDK and focus on the gameplay first.


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