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This SP mod for Half-Life 2 has been released! Download it now.

D danbix cube source0000.jpg

Danbix Cube: Source is not a traditional FPS mod, but sort of a puzzle mod: It's a Source made Rubik's Cube. Why? KingDaniel accidentally destroyed his, and realized that it should be possible to recreate it using Source's Uber-powerful entity I/O system.

He was saving it for his upcoming HL2 single player mod, but since that's ages away and this is really clever he didn't want anyone to beat him to it :) There's no point to it - it's just a tech demo.

The arena is a bit rough, but that’s not the point – it’s all about the cube!

Feel free to decompile this map and learn from it. Credit KingDaniel if you make anything based on it.


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