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A Cube Inductor is a custom element that is not shipped with Portal 2. It consists of a tall, narrow chamber set in the wall of a test chamber. The inductor operates much like a "shake flashlight" by generating a field of energy whenever a metal object such as a cube passes through it. The inductor utilizes the "infinite fall" technique to do this.


This assumes you have a level to put the inductor in. If not, this page or this page will show you the basics. You will also need to have downloaded the object file that contains the instance.

Note.png Note: Look at the thread for this file to see an example video showing the inductor in action.

Put the instance in instances\miscellaneous. If you do not have a "miscellaneous" folder, create it inside your "instances" folder.

Creating the Inductor

1. Make certain you have sufficient space to place the instance as it measures 512*128*128 units. That means you need a ceiling of at least 512 units height.

2. Create an intance and give it the following settings:

Property Name Value
Fix Up Name inductor1
VMF filename instances\miscellaneous\cubeinductor.vmf

3. In the Outputs tab add:

My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
instance:power_rly_counter;onHitMax door1 Open 0.00 No
instance:power_rly_counter;onHitMin door1 Close 0.00 No
Note.png Note: Replace "door1" with whatever it is you want the inductor to trigger.

4. Place a dropper nearby to provide the "iron core" of the inductor. You can use a sphere or a cube.

You are now ready to use your inductor to "power" your puzzle.

Final notes

This cube inductor is a fairly large object which does not fit with all aesthetic themes. It works best in "Clean" chambers as it was created in one. Wheatley chambers are close enough in time and style to fit this as well, but that requires a little extra planning. Done right, this instance could prove to be quite an interesting puzzle element.