Creating a wake-up bed

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Portal Level Creation


Creating a wake-up bed is extremely easy. If you have decompiled the first level and analyzed it, you may have noticed a bunch of extra entities, which over complicate it.


Create two prop_dynamic entities. One should be models\props\bed_body_reference.mdl and the other models\props\bed_cover_reference.mdl. Call the cover bed_cover. Disable shadows on both.


Create another prop_dynamic. Call it blackout, with the model models\blackin.mdl. This model will provide the movement for the camera. Place the blackout model as shown. Disable shadows on the model.


Placing the info_player_start

Put a info_player_start, so it shares the exact origin of the blackout model. Their origins are highlighted here. The player should form a right angle with the blackout model's origin. The position of this is very important so the transition is as smooth as possible.


Place a point_viewcontrol somewhere near the bed. Its position does not matter. Do not rotate the camera, leave it at the default rotation. Call it blackout_cam and set its parent to blackout. Have only these three flags checked: Freeze player, Infinite hold time, and Snap to goal angles.

Other Entities

Add a env_fade, set to fade from. Call it blackout_fade

Add an ambient_generic, call it bed_cover_sound, set its sound origin to bed_cover, and set its sound to Doors.FullClose14.


Final Setup

Create a logic_auto with the following outputs:

Output named Target entities Via this input Parameter Delay
Io11.png OnMapSpawn blackout_cam SetParentAttachment vehicle_driver_eyes 0.00
Io11.png OnMapSpawn blackout_cam Enable 0.00
Io11.png OnMapSpawn blackout_fade Fade 0.00
Io11.png OnMapSpawn bed_cover SetAnimation opening 5.00
Io11.png OnMapSpawn bed_cover SetDefaultAnimation open 5.00
Io11.png OnMapSpawn bed_cover_sound PlaySound 5.00
Io11.png OnMapSpawn blackout SetAnimation exit1 5.00

Set these for the blackout model:

Output named Target entities Via this input Parameter Delay
Io11.png OnAnimationDone bed_cover SetAnimation closing 0.00
Io11.png OnAnimationDone bed_cover_sound PlaySound 0.00
Io11.png OnAnimationDone blackout_cam Disable 0.00
Io11.png OnAnimationDone bed_cover SetDefaultAnimation idle 0.00


This has the exact same function as the bed in the first chamber. It uses 1 sound entity (as the open and close sound are the exact same). It does not involve a teleporter, as it serves no logical purpose.

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