Color Light from Control Point

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Two lights with pre-defined colours.

The Color Light from Control Point particle operator (in all games since Alien Swarm) creates four "particle lights". Each light can use a predefined colour or sample dynamically from the world, and can be omnidirectional or a spotlight.


Clamp Minimum Light Value to Initial Color
Clamp Maximum Light Value to Initial Color
Prevents particles from going under/over their initial colour value. If the minimum value is not clamped, particles that are not lit by this operator will be pitch black.
Compute Normals From Control Points
To do
Half-Lambert Normals
To do: See $halflambert.
Initial Color Bias
Whether the operator's lights should replace or add to particles' base colours. It appears that this property was supposed to be a factor, but it actually behaves like a boolean.

Light settings

There are four lights. Each one has the following properties:

0% Distance
50% Distance
How many units away from its origin the light should cast.
The RGB + brightness/alpha value for the light. Brightness is ignored.
Control Point
Control Point Offset
The control point at which the light will be created, and an optional offset from it.
Confirm:Offset is local to the target CP
If this is a spotlight, this normalised vector is translated into a direction to point in. 1 0 0 means "point down the X axis".
Dynamic Light
Whether the light's colour should be sampled from the world or fixed to the value of Color (see above).
Spot Inner Cone
Spot Outer Cone
If this is a spotlight, this float defines the width of the beam in degrees. The widest possible Outer Cone is 80.
Bug.png Bug: Inner Cone is nonfunctional. Set it to 0 to prevent any confusion.
0 = omnidirectional point, 1 = spotlight.