Chasing Laser

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Chasing Lasers are a custom element that is not shipped with Portal 2. It's basically a Thermal Discouragement Beam that follows the player wherever they go.


0.Create a new map with a basic room

1. Create a box with the minimum width and height of 64 x 64 and make it a func_tank with the following settings:

Property Name Value
Name Tank
Pitch Rate 30
Pitch Range 90

2. Create an env_portal_laser and apply with the following settings:

Property Name Value
Parent Tank

3. Create a logic_auto and give it the following Outputs:

My Output Target Entity Target Input Parameter Delay Only Once
OnMapSpawn Tank SetTargetEntity !player 0.00 No



In the last steps you created a laser spawn and "welded" it onto a brush that is following the player everywhere around. The Tank will follow the player even he can't be seen. The laser is non-lethal, but that can be changed in the env_portal_laser settings


  • When you walk up to the laser it can't damage you