Character Facial Animation Shapekey Set

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All expressions are done with the lips in neutral position (slightly parted to avoid vertex welding) and the jaw in a neutral position (open 1/16 to ¼ of an inch).

Expression ranges are; trace, slight, marked, pronounced, extreme, and maximum. Unless otherwise stated, all versions should be the position you would consider "marked".

00. Reference frame - Vertex positions must match physique/mrm file.
01. Upper lid lowerer - Upper lid in eyes-closed position.
02. Upper lid raiser - Upper lid in eyes-wide-open position.
03. Lower lid lowerer - Lower lid in eyes-wide-open position.
04. Lower lid raiser - Lower lid tightened and raised.
05. Upper eyelids, Half-Closed
06. Inner brow raiser - Inner portion of eyebrows raised.
07. Outer brow raiser - Outer and/or center portion of eyebrows raised.
08. Brow lowerer - Entire brow lowered, and pulled.
09. Brow raise - Entire brow raised.
10. Lip Corner Puller - Smile with mouth closed.
11. Lip Corner Puller - Smile with mouth closed.
12. Open Mouth Smile
13. Frown - pull corners of the mouth down.
14. Chin Raiser - push up lower lip and chin muscle.
15. Lip Raiser - raise upper lip.
16. Sneer, Left
17. Lower Lip Down
18. Cheek Raiser - The cheek motion part of an eye-squint.
19. Nose wrinkler - Wrinkle your nose, but don't open your mouth.
20. Mouth closed - Lips held together in relaxed position, compensating for neutral anti-vertex-weld gap. Jaw neutral.
21. Lips part - Lips relaxed open, jaw neutral.
22. Lip Puckerer - Lips making the "oo" sound in "fool", jaw neutral.
23. Lip Funneler - Lips funnel outwards, making the "ir" sound in "flirt". Jaw neutral.
24. Lip Stretcher - Lips pulled laterally into a "flat" smile. Jaw neutral.
25. Lip Bite - Upper teeth biting the lower lip, used to make the "f" and "v" sound. Jaw neutral.
26. Lip Presser - Lips pushed together, making the bilabial stop "b", "m", and "p". Jaw neutral.
27. Pucker, Closed Lips
28. Nostril Dilator - Flare out the nostril wings.
29. Blank
30. Jaw Clencher - Lips neutral, teeth (molars) touching.
31. Jaw Dropped - Lips neutral, jaw drop is marked but not extreme (1 inch to 1 ½ inches).
32. Mouth stretch - Jaw position same as Jaw Dropped, but mouth is relaxed and open as wide as jaw.
33. Jaw Dropped - Extreme.
34. Mouth stretch - Extreme.