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Use Templates

I am wondering what the best way to markup all these entity pages would be. The strategy will definitely involve using templates rather than a category tags. The template will carry all the necessary category tags, so that, for example all the Base entities can be included in lists of HL2 entities, CSS entities, DOD entities, etc, etc. without having to manually add individual tags for each game. Templates can also cause flags (eg a short message, or just a game-type logo) on the page they are applied to, this saves typing "This entity is only available in HL2-based games" on several hundred pages!

Use Subcategory Templates

So my first thought was to use a simple {{FGD_base}} template. That would work fine. But then I thought perhaps there are some other subcategories we could tag at the same time. For example:

  • {{base_brush_trigger}}
  • {{base_point_npc}}
  • {{base_point_weapon}}
  • {{base_point_item}}
  • {{base_point_vehicle}}
  • etc.

This would allow some really useful subcategories. For example:

  • category:All Source Base Entities : would include all templates with base_ in the name. (ie all of them).
  • category:All Weapon Entities : would include all templates with _weapon in the name. (ie regardless of which game they come from).
  • category:Source Base Weapons : would include all templates with base_point_weapon in the name. (ie only 1 template).

This seems like the only way to achieve filtering by multiple categories. (ie "is base and is not weapon") OK it could get complicated, but it's a lot easier than adding new tags to pages all the time!

The problem is that it generates a lot of templates, and with the current VDC version of Mediawiki, we cannot prevent the templates also being listed on category pages. Later versions allow the use of and