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I was away last week, so I'm slightly unclear on what has brought about the flurry of activity with this Prefab listing. Is it just that someone has decided to finally write it up, or did the functionality/content available change in a recent update? Thanks for the work either way. --Giles 13:37, 30 Aug 2006 (PDT)

It started with me bringing together the bits and pieces of the Prefab page that was spread over three articles, creating a complete and easy-to-read article about them, so finally I started to learn about them. Then I wanted to add a list of them, so I did, and then I got this crazy idea that it would make prefabs less "scary" if people would have a tutorial for every prefab so they could more easily understand how they worked, and that prefabs were small tutorial examples of their entities in themselves, so I started to dissect the prefabs. (I thought others would join in at first, but now I'm happy to do it mostly alone - it prevents several people doing the same work at once.) In steps another guy and adds pictures to all I've completed so far, but they were all unscalable PNG pics, and some of them were unproportional, so I created JPG for them instead. I shouldn't spend this much time at the wiki, but it's so fun to do this. =) --Andreasen 15:09, 30 Aug 2006 (PDT)
"I shouldn't spend this much time at the wiki" I agree so much with this XD (and I'm not really well placed to say that kind of things) --NykO18