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Blank image.pngTodo: Update others top icon templates that still uses the old suf translations to newer one that use {{Autolang}} and have support for nocat (which would prevent adding pages to category if this template is used).

List of top icon templates. See the section below for instructions on creating a new top icon template.

Copy + Paste / Create a new top icon template here

Simply create a new page, then paste the following contents:

Click "Expand" to reveal the code
<noinclude>{{ {{FULLPAGENAME}} |nocat=1}} <!-- Used for preview. --> {{doc|docpage=Template:Artifact topicon/doc}} <!-- Add categories to the /doc subpage, not here --> </noinclude> <includeonly> <onlyinclude>{{Top icon | id = <short game name/abbreviation, moddir or executable name> | wikilink = <link to a page, example: Half-Life 2> | imagename = <icon name>.png | description = {{Top icon/strings|{{#switch:{{{desc}}}{{{description}}} |#default|Games|games=Games |doc|Doc=Doc |SW|sw|Software|software|tool|tools=SW |WT|wt|workshop|Workshop=WT |engine|Engine=Engine}}|name={{<!--TEMPLATE NAME-->|name}}}} <!-- Description are now handled by Top icon strings subpage. For game name, you can use templates such as {{hl2}} with "name" parameters aswell, and the game name also get translated automatically. --> }}{{#if:{{{nocat|}}} | | [[Category:Game name here]] <!-- Don't forget to change this if you are creating a new top icon templates. --> }}</onlyinclude> </includeonly> <!-- Add categories to the /doc subpage, not here -->

After that, change the game name and icon, then click "Save page". You can also use the template above to update the existing topicon.

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