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A seriesbox is a navbox used to traverse between multiple games in a given series or franchise. Mods and fangames taking place in the franchise are also listed if they are notable enough.

If a title is notable enough to be listed in a Seriesbox, but not notable enough to have a game page (such as a game that used a engine which Valve have never used it's code before), a Wikipedia link can be used instead (ex: '''[[Wikipedia:Quake Champions|Quake Champions]]''' for Quake Champions). If you want to use {{wikipedia}} template, you need to add {{{icon}}} parameter set to no, otherwise it will add a Wikipedia icon Wikipedia icon.

Each Seriesbox should have an associated series page (ex: Team Fortress series, Left 4 Dead series).

Note.pngNote:The term "Seriesbox" is derived from the Pcgw icon.png PCGamingWiki template which serves a similar purpose, but functions very differently.
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