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Blank image.pngTodo: Delete everything that is included in this category that has has nothing to do with games/mods with custom content that are using GoldSrc/Source/Source 2 engine, nor is using Valve content on other engines whatsoever. Codename: Gordon is a exception as it's was heavily based off Half-Life 2. And SiN 1 (aswell other games like this) is also one of another exception, so that people would know anything about the prequel game, which, it's sequel would later officially using the Source engine for example, thus allowing it to having it's own page on wiki.
Icon-Important.pngImportant:If a game is notable within the scope of this wiki (ex: SiN, Quake III) then remove it from this category!

This category lists games distributed using Steam that are not built using the GoldSrc, Source and Source 2 engine and are not based on Valve properties.

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