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Counter-Strike: Source Level Creation

This page tries to collect all of the bugs/issues and provide a fix for them if any are available at the current time, for both the games and the SDK itself. If any has further bugs or problems not on the list, please add them with a short guide for how to fix them too if possible.


None yet


Both Teams are Full error.

The game cannot find an available spawn point, either because you forgot to place them, or because those you placed are invalid.

You need to have both info_player_counterterrorist and info_player_terrorist entities in the map, or the game will not be set up correctly. If both spawn points has been placed, check the console. If it reports that your spawn points are invalid, the problem is usually that your spawn point entities are intersecting another surface in the map (usually the ground). (Unlike HL2SP and HL2DM spawn point entities, CS:S spawn point entities will intersect the ground if not placed a couple of units above it.) Try moving the entities up a little bit to make sure that they are not intersecting with anything.

Error reading weapon data file for: weapon_cubemap

This error occurs when a mod doesn't have the weapon script file for weapon_cubemap in the mod's directory. If you're trying to get weapon_cubemap working in a mod, you will have to copy the weapon_cubemap script (hl2\scripts\weapon_cubemap.txt) from the Half-Life 2 folder to the mod's scripts folder. (For example: $SteamUserDir\steamapps\common\counter-strike source\cstrike\scripts\)