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This SP mod for Half-Life 2 is no longer being developed.


<Half-Life 2> Brick-Life was planned to be a Lego themed, partial remake of Half-Life 2.


The team were working on recreating the Half-Life 2 world and storyline, into the teams own Lego versions, so that the player would actually feel like a Lego Gordon Freeman. This included recreating all the levels, as well as replacing nearly every weapon, character, and NPC, as well as quite a few props, with Lego counterparts.

Inspired by Valve, they planned to release the mod in chapters, each chapter containing 2-3 totally converted HL2 maps, with names like "Brick Mesa East" and "We don't go to Brickenholm".


Development started in August 2006, but within the month support dwindled and the mod died.

In March '07 the mod was "brought back to life", pushing for a Chapter One release in October '07, with Chapters Two and Three planned for release in sometime in 2008.

However, in May '08 SgtSpankeyII declared the mod definitely dead on the official forums. (Quote: "The mod is dead and will not come back")

Team members

Project Lead:

  • SgtSpankeyII


  • Lamarr
  • i_speel_good
  • savagepants
  • Warchild
  • The Spectator
  • SgtSpankeyII


  • Maddude7
  • obliviumjr AkA Matt
  • Gunneroid


  • TastyDirt
  • Highwind
  • Zyx


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