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This MP mod for Half-Life 2 is no longer being developed. Download its last release here.


In the distant future a new moon has been discovered in the shadow of Heliph-57F. The discovery was not only made by humans, but an insectoid alien race called the Xenamorphs have also laid claim to the moon. The two races have battled for centuries and their weapons have grown to such tremendous power that they could destroy an entire planet. Both Human and Xeanamporphs decided to settle who gets control of the newly discouvered moon through a race. Each side would get 3 racers. The human vehicles made from metals and the alien vessels created from flesh.

Blackout will take players from the one of the most pristine temples of the Xenamorphs located on a fiery lava plane, to one of the oldest cities on Earth and more.




The Centre for Arts and Technology is proud to present Blackout. Blackout is the Centre's second game developed in class. Blackout is being developed by seven Game Art and Animation students under the name Wretched Sloth Productions, with the helpful guide of a technical lead and executive producer.

The students that make up Wretched Sloth are senior students attending The Center For Arts and Technology. They continue to amaze their teachers and have been considered the most talented bunch of Game Art and Animation students the school has produced.

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