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bb_spawn_zombie is a point entity available in BrainBread BrainBread. Which creates monster spawner.

Tip.pngTip:Set quite a few around, and set the amount of live children to 3 at the maximum.
Bb spawn zombie is based on monstermaker (GoldSrc) entity. Therefore, much of the documentation pertaining to monstermaker (GoldSrc) may also apply to Bb spawn zombie.

Key Values

Target On Release (target) <string>
Monster to spawn (monstertype) <string>
Class of all NPCs spawned by this entity.
Childrens' Name (netname) <string>
Targetname of all NPCs spawned by this entity.
Max live children (m_imaxlivechildren) <string>
Maximum number of live children allowed at one time. Spawnings will be suspended until a monster dies. A value of 0 means infinite (obviously not recommended if delay is too low and monstercount is infinite).
Number of Monsters (monstercount) <string>
The maximum number of entities to spawn (0, -1 no limit).
Minimum respawn delay (mindelay) <string>
if delay is -1, new monster will be made when last monster dies.
Maximum respawn delay (maxdelay) <string>
Delay is how often (seconds) a new monster will be dookied out.


  •  [1] : Start ON
  •  [4] : Cyclic
  •  [8] : MonsterClip