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This is simply a reference list of the @BaseClasses that appear in the specified FGD files.

  • The list may be useful for classifying entities. It may well get 'linked up' in due course.
  • Note: the apparently inconsistent capitalisation of these labels is code specific, so please don't 'tidy them up'.
  • The format is the name of the BaseClass followed by it includes in brackets, drilled right down to the root classes. The number is only useful to check that this list is kept up to date with the fgd files (use a stringsearch count of "@Baseclass").
  • The VDC entity properties documentation uses templates based on these BaseClass names and hierarchy, although each Baseclass has up to 4 prefixed templates:
kv_baseclass for keyvalues, fl_baseclass for spawnflags, i_baseclass for inputs and o_baseclass for outputs.

@BaseClasses in base.fgd

  1. Angles
  2. Origin
  3. Studiomodel
  4. BasePlat
  5. Targetname
  6. Parentname
  7. BaseBrush
  8. EnableDisable
  9. RenderFxChoices
  10. RenderFields (RenderFxChoices)
  11. Shadow
  12. DXLevelChoice
  13. Inputfilter
  14. Global
  15. EnvGlobal (Targetname)
  16. DamageFilter
  17. ResponseContext
  18. Breakable (Targetname, DamageFilter, Shadow)
  19. BreakableBrush (Breakable (Targetname, DamageFilter, Shadow), Parentname, Global)
  20. BreakableProp (Breakable (Targetname, DamageFilter, Shadow))
  21. BaseNPC (Targetname, Angles, (RenderFxChoices) RenderFields, DamageFilter, ResponseContext, Shadow)
  22. BaseNPCMaker (Targetname, Angles, EnableDisable)
  23. BaseHelicopter (BaseNPC (Targetname, Angles, RenderFields (RenderFxChoices), DamageFilter, ResponseContext, Shadow))
  24. PlayerClass
  25. Light
  26. Node
  27. HintNode (Node)
  28. TriggerOnce (Targetname, Parentname, Origin, EnableDisable, Global)
  29. Trigger (Targetname, Parentname, Origin, EnableDisable, TriggerOnce (Global))
  30. worldbase
  31. vgui_screen_base (Targetname, Parentname, Angles)
  32. gibshooterbase (Targetname, Parentname)
  33. BaseSpeaker (Targetname, ResponseContext)
  34. KeyFrame
  35. Mover
  36. RopeKeyFrame (DXLevelChoice)
  37. Button
  38. Door (Targetname, Parentname, RenderFields (RenderFxChoices), Global, Shadow)
  39. BModelParticleSpawner
  40. BaseFilter (Targetname)
  41. TwoObjectPhysics (Targetname)
  42. ForceController (Targetname)
  43. prop_detail_base
  44. prop_static_base (Angles, DXLevelChoice)
  45. BaseFadeProp
  46. prop_dynamic_base (Parentname, Global, Angles, Studiomodel, (Breakable (Targetname, DamageFilter, Shadow)) BreakableProp, DXLevelChoice, BaseFadeProp, RenderFields (RenderFxChoices))
  47. BasePropPhysics (Targetname, Global, Angles, Studiomodel, (Breakable (Targetname, DamageFilter, Shadow)) BreakableProp, DXLevelChoice, BaseFadeProp)
  48. PlatSounds
  49. Trackchange (Targetname, Parentname, (RenderFxChoices) RenderFields, Global, PlatSounds)
  50. BaseTrain (Targetname, Parentname, Origin, RenderFields (RenderFxChoices), Global, Shadow)

@BaseClasses in halflife2.fgd

(halflife2.fgd requires base.fgd)

  1. BaseTank (Targetname, Parentname, Origin, Angles, RenderFields, Global, Shadow)
  2. Item (Targetname, Angles, Shadow)
  3. Weapon (Targetname, Angles)
  4. BaseVehicle (Targetname, Origin, Global, prop_static_base)
  5. BaseDriveableVehicle (BaseVehicle)
  6. TalkNPC (BaseNPC)
  7. PlayerCompanion (BaseNPC)
  8. RappelNPC (BaseNPC )
  9. VehicleDriverNPC (BaseNPC)
  10. BaseHeadcrab (BaseNPC)
  11. BaseCombine (BaseNPC, RappelNPC)
  12. AlyxInteractable
  13. CombineBallSpawners (Targetname, Origin, Angles, Global)
  14. player_control (Targetname)
  15. BaseScripted (Targetname, Parentname, Angles)
  16. LeadGoalBase (Targetname)
  17. FollowGoal (Targetname)
  18. BaseActBusy (Targetname)